Template:7 (New York City Subway service)

7 Train
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Flushing–Main Street MTA NYC logo.svg
Mets–Willets Point
MTA NYC logo.svg Handicapped/disabled access
northbound local;
game days only
111th Street
103rd Street–Corona Plaza
Junction Boulevard
90th Street–Elmhurst Avenue
82nd Street–Jackson Heights
74th Street–Broadway
69th Street
61st Street–Woodside MTA NYC logo.svg
52nd Street
46th Street–Bliss Street
40th Street–Lowery Street
33rd Street–Rawson Street
express service
during weekday peak
Queensboro Plaza
Court Square
Hunters Point Avenue MTA NYC logo.svg
Vernon Boulevard–Jackson Avenue
Grand Central MTA NYC logo.svg
Fifth Avenue
Times Square–42nd Street
34th Street–Hudson Yards
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Lines used by the "7" train
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Cross-platform interchange

Platforms on different levels

This is a route-map template for the 7, a New York City Subway service.