Template:6 (New York City Subway service)

6 train
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Pelham Bay Park
Buhre Avenue
Middletown Road
Westchester Square–East Tremont Avenue
Zerega Avenue
Castle Hill Avenue
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St. Lawrence Avenue
Morrison Avenue–Soundview
Elder Avenue
Whitlock Avenue
Hunts Point Avenue
Longwood Avenue
East 149th Street
East 143rd Street –
St. Mary's Street
Cypress Avenue
Brook Avenue
Third Avenue–138th Street
125th Street MTA NYC logo.svg
116th Street
110th Street
103rd Street
96th Street
86th Street
77th Street
68th Street–Hunter College
59th Street
51st Street
Grand Central–42nd Street MTA NYC logo.svg
33rd Street
28th Street Handicapped/disabled access
23rd Street
14th Street–Union Square
Astor Place
Bleecker Street
Spring Street
Canal Street
Brooklyn Bridge–City Hall
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This is a route-map template for the 6, a New York City Subway service.