Tegermansu Pass

Tegermansu Pass or Tigarman Su Pass (Kotal-e Tegermansu, Chinese: 托克满苏山口[1]) is a closed mountain pass on the border between Afghanistan and China in the Hindu Kush or Pamirs mountain range.[2] It is located between the Tegermansu Valley on the eastern end of the Little Pamir and Chalachigu Valley in Xinjiang, China. Historically, it was one of the three routes between China and Wakhan.[3]

Tegermansu Pass
Kirghiz 'Ak-uis' at Tigharman-su.png
Kyrgyz camp near Tegermansu Pass as captured by Aurel Stein
Elevation4,827 metres (15,837 ft)
LocationBadakhshan Province, Afghanistan Xinjiang, China
Coordinates37°13′26″N 74°52′26″E / 37.224°N 74.874°E / 37.224; 74.874
Tegermansu Pass is located in Karakoram
Tegermansu Pass
Location in Afghanistan
Tegermansu Pass is located in Tajikistan
Tegermansu Pass
Tegermansu Pass (Tajikistan)
Tegermansu Pass is located in Xinjiang
Tegermansu Pass
Tegermansu Pass (Xinjiang)
Tegermansu Pass
Traditional Chinese托克滿蘇山口
Simplified Chinese托克满苏山口
Tok Man Su Daban
Traditional Chinese托克滿素達坂
Simplified Chinese托克满素达坂
Tigarman Su Pass
Traditional Chinese鐵蓋滿蘇山口
Simplified Chinese铁盖满苏山口
Map of Afghanistan-China Boundary including Tegermansu Pass (labeled as TĪGARMAN SŪ DAVĀN) (1969)[a]

On Chinese side, there is a Chinese border post in the valley below.[4] There have been proposals and plans by Kashgar regional government to open this pass as a port of entry for economic purposes since the 1990s.[5][6] However, this has yet to happen.

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