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TeamBath is the brand name for the family of sports, health and leisure-related activities at the University of Bath. The University has a range of facilities, largely clustered under one roof and providing a training and event environment for multiple sports.[1]

TeamBath maintains several sports complexes on and around the University of Bath, Claverton Down site:

  • Sports Training Village
  • Founders Complex
  • The Sulis club outdoor pitches
  • Bobsleigh and Skeleton push-start track
  • Beach volleyball courts
  • Outdoor acrylic and artificial clay tennis courts and eight indoor courts
  • A 50 meter swimming pool with underwater video
  • A physiotherapy and sport science centre
  • An indoor jumps and throws area as well as indoor sprint track and outdoor athletics oval
  • A multi-purpose sports hall and 2000 seat arena
  • A gym and specific performance sport gym
The University of Bath Sports Training Village 50 metre swimming pool, during a competition
Indoor tennis courts at the University of Bath Sports Training Village

Development of facilitiesEdit

Initially (1976)Edit

Bath's sports facilities were centred on what is now known as the Founder's Hall, which includes:

  • a multi-purpose sports hall
  • four squash courts
  • a 25-metre indoor swimming pool[2]
  • and outdoor pitches.

Expansion (1992)Edit

In 1992 a 50-metre indoor swimming pool,[3] outdoor athletics track, an indoor tennis hall and an outdoor rifle and pistol range were constructed.

Sports Training Village (2003-2004)Edit

The Sports Training Village and the English Institute of Sport for South West England, a lottery-funded extension opened in two phases in 2003 and 2004. It added the following facilities:

Other facilitiesEdit

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