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Removed some very weird spacing, Bryce--what's up with that?

I'm not sure this is quite an unbiased article :-), but I also suspect it doesn't matter very much in this case. --LMS

Sorry, it's some sort of bug with Linux Opera (I'm semi-beta testing, apparently). I struggle with it too in other wiki's. I'll try to remember to use a different browser in the future. (Most web browsers on Linux suck; Opera is really good for web browsing, though the textedit box is messed up. For editing, I am using Konqueror more successfully.)

I'm not in the habit of writing unbiased stuff on WF, though I did try to enumerate the critiques it's accumulated over the years. I had resisted opening a page because I knew it'd be tough, but, well, I can't turn down a request! :-) Honestly, there's not much to say about the project yet. Perhaps later, others will find ways to make it more proper. -- BryceHarrington

Good article, but...Edit

...I'd like to see what's available here and now. I know WorldForge is highly experimental in nature, but I'd love to see here some comments on what different game building blocks there are right now. As noted in the article, the multitude of Stuff in WF might be confusing to newbies (I spent a while or so on the site until it started to make sense, though the different bits are pretty well described). I'd love to hear, however, how well the client side is progressing, what the protocol and client libraries seem to do, and how the different servers work out (and what the ultimate server architecture might look like). --Wwwwolf 11:35, 29 September 2005 (UTC)

I agree. Perhaps rhe history of worldforge could be condensed a bit and moved to the end of the article. (nielsle May 2007)
nielsle June 2007: It would help to rewrite the article in the following way:
1) Description of available and working tools: Sear, Ember, Cyphesis and perhaps Indri
2) Playable games: Acorn and Mason
3) History: Including problems and a list of abandoned sub-projects.

Needs WikifyingEdit

The article badly needs wikifying and more solid information, it frankly reads a lot more like a random game review than an encyclopedic article and is way too talkative and chatty. I have tried to improve what I could find but have probably overlooked a lot, and because I never used the tool I can't give more in-depth technical informations. If anyone knows more or has an interest in improving this article: Please do so and include it! --TheOtherStephan 18:24, 1 September 2006 (UTC)

This remains a prevalent problem, I made some small changes though I can see there's a lot more work in this direction. I also removed the final sentence "However many of the developers have been there a long time and won't be leaving any time soon so it is not in danger of vanishing in the short term." I understand the information trying to be conveyed however I couldn't think of a way to fix the horrific un-encyclopedic nature of it.--ASA-IRULE (talk) 22:01, 8 January 2008 (UTC)

To addEdit

I think we can speak about the focus of 3d client for WorldForge. It's very important I think. --Elendrim 14:49, 06 July 2006 (UTC)

There was a mention of getting Indri up to date to add in jumping and fix collision.
Right now with these things not in it is not possible to build complex buildings. -anon

Citation needed:Edit

The article claims that "The project is also beginning to branch out into other forms of entertainment (e.g. comics, paper-and-pencil gaming), as it finds that its processes and multi-disciplinary nature are equally applicable there." Where does that information come from? KaiBlin 16:15, 15 November 2006 (UTC)

  • Apparently Rimdungeon counts as the comic and circe could be used for pencil and paper gaming, however this does not agree with a policy document I found in a folder called management on the cvs not a proper worldforge project as not involved with making or providing infrastructure for an on-line game. --Max Randor 20:43, 4 January 2007 (UTC)


Seems like there needs to be some more references in order to fulfil the notability required. Unfortunately there's not much published recently, the latest articles I could find were these:

Now, being involved in the Worldforge project myself, I feel that I shouldn't edit this entry too much, since there's an obvious bias. If there's an Wikipedia editor who wants to update it I can help out by answering questions and pointing in the right directions. I can of course also edit it myself, but I'm not that sure of the Wikipedia policy towards that. There's been a lot of progression in Worldforge that isn't reflected in this entry, mainly in regards to the clients.--Erikhjortsberg 13:44, 15 June 2007 (UTC) I think sear was on a linux games site relatively recently though I cannot remember what it was called, sear is in the Ubuntu/Debian repositories and I think dependancies etc. are too, this might indicate some notability... though I am not sure. Ember might be in there as well, I cannot check easily at the moment.--Max Randor 12:34, 19 June 2007 (UTC)


There's so much to write about Worldforge, about the clients, the tools, the servers, the AI, the Atlas protocol, the Mercator terrain generation etc. --Max Randor 12:36, 19 June 2007 (UTC)

Status/Roadmap/Problems to Overcome sectionEdit

Describing the general problems of not being organized and such is great, but it would be cool to be updated about when/if this project ever gets some solid roadmaps and organizational work done so that we can know what the actual progress is. Perhaps this is impossible though because the project itself may completely lack this organization. Sad, as it's been suggested to them several times over the years and years this thing has been in development, by myself included. All I think Worldforge needs is open discussions about how to modularize everything the best they can while using some good APIs so they lay the framework for actual progress. Then instead of several random rogue coders trying to eat the entire cake, they can each have definite parts that need completion, and those parts can later be swapped out for better implementations, as well as having the APIs extended/updated over time. If an organizer could get that done, get the communication defined and solidified, Worldforge may actually eventually make something out of itself, but until then it may as well be ignored because who wants to throw away code to undefined chaotic blobs of programs which have no modularity or organization? Until things get defined, it's largely a waste, until some developer gets lucky and goes all the way from point A to B and their success draws enough attention over to the giant blob they've created, though even then the software will be so complex that it may get neglected after some time. Worldforge needs to learn how to rip off bite-sized chunks that are well documented, not waste duplicate effort on several undefined mystery programs. Now, to stop being constructively critical for a moment, Worldforge has tried to do this to some degree with developing protocols and whatnot, many have been trying to bake WF, but it just still apparently needs a lot more organization than it has.Yfrwlf (talk) 20:21, 12 September 2008 (UTC)

Worldforge discontinued?Edit

The site is expired.. an administrative oops or is the project over? — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2001:569:BCB2:7F00:6CCB:2E7F:6857:BABA (talk) 22:00, 18 April 2017 (UTC)

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