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Inertial Redshift article redirected to Expanding Universe sectionEdit

Hi all, I have used the "blank-and-redirect" tactic to redirect the Inertial reference article ( to the expanding universe section of this article. It seems that it is only tangentially visited in relation to Hubble's law and serves to confuse readers. I find that it is in violation of multiple Wikipedia polices and that the original editors (Newmanok) have only made contributions to this article and that, since then, only very small improvements have taken place, mostly in grammar. The entire article relies on 2 online articles that are not peer reviewed and have been downloaded less than 200 times each. They are not trustworthy scientific sources at this point. Further, I can find no reference to inertial redshift as it is described in this article. Thus, I believe this article violates wp:no original research and WP:Verifiability as well as clearly fails to meet the criteria for wp:notability. As all subsequent editors, since 2015, have only fixed grammar (and added in the second source by the same author in the same online journal), I do not expect any of the editors to object (there have only been 7 total edits since 2015). Also, the only entry ever on the talk page was by an editor, User:Felisse, who asked a question that never got a response, in 2016. As per WP:Redirect, I started this talk page section on the target article with the intention of notifying the editors of the change and reasons for them, as well as allow for objections. You can check the most recent version of the article, before the redirect, at Thanks! Footlessmouse (talk) 04:24, 17 August 2020 (UTC)

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