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Hey, my addition got removed!!
The most likely cause is because you failed to cite your addition with a reliable source, see Wikipedia:Verifiability for the official policy.
This part of the article is really biased towards/against Microsoft!!!
Microsoft is a very old article with lots of discussion; consider re-reading the passage in question over again before getting upset. If there's still a problem, make a note on the talk page and just let it stew for a month or so; this kind of thing is watched by plenty of people.
Where's the criticism?
It's interspersed throughout the article. Do not add a criticism section; it goes against the style guidelines.
Various online sources say Microsoft's IPO peaked at $29.75 and ended the first trading day at $28, including Microsoft itself; however, the article states it peaked at $29.25 and ended at $27.75, what's the deal?
Sources are conflicting on this. We decided to go with the older published sources.
Why is there a history section when there are already 2 separate articles?
Because according to various comments on featured article nominations articles need to be self contained and at least contain a summary, which is what the history section sets out to do.
Why are there so many references, even on stuff that's common sense? It makes the article hard to edit!
It's due to the slightly controversial nature of the subject matter; what's common sense to one person has often been called into question on this article, so everything - literally - is referenced. Unfortunately, it does make the article rather cumbersome to edit. Such is the nature of Wikipedia.
The page size is really large!
This is due to the heavy amount of detailed referencing with templates, as well as inline comments to editors on certain parts of the article. The actual readable prose size should actually be fairly mediocre.
According to WP:LEAD there must be X paragraphs and there is only Y!
Pay attention to the prose size of the article (not the size when you press edit), it isn't that long. WP:LEAD is general guideline and the gist of it is to summarize everything concisely in the article without teasing the reader about every little detail. It is one of the most refined and tightly written parts of the article.
It isn't comprehensive/the article is really short/it looks like a stub!
This is strictly about the company; generally we don't go beyond a general description about its products unless one is a pivotal point in the company's history as this is covered by daughter articles and simply summarized. We focus mostly on the corporate aspect of the company as those generally don't have daughter articles and are taken care of in articles about a company. What this results in is a comprehensive, heavily summarized article that goes into detail about the documented corporate affairs of Microsoft.
There are no bolded names in Key people in the infobox!
This is really arbitrary and has no standard, so we choose the simplest route for now - none at all.
Even though it's featured, anything that needs particular attention?
  • Culture needs a restructure, probably having two subsections - user culture and business culture (sources, maybe useful); specific mentions/concerns:
    1. "The Culture section seems a bit of a hodge podge - could there be more of a narrative thread?" - From 3rd peer review
    2. "I was a bit surprised that there was not more on Microsoft's sort of decline in the recent past Apple is now bigger in terms of market capitalization (heard this on the radio this morning - NPR). Or how Microsoft was at the forefront in the 1990s with lots of software, but has not done as well with things lately (Google, or Zune vs iPod, etc.)." - From 3rd peer review; need more of a general paragraph of this as well as a sentence about apple most likely. See talk page about major edits for info about apple.
    3. Needs to mention Microsoft Puzzle Hunt in some fashion with WP:RSs'.
  • Azure Services Platform wasn't Microsoft's first stab at cloud computing, Microsoft Online Services was - it was supposed to be released in 2006; there is like one blog in 2006 about the beta, but when did it "release"?
  • General copyediting; it's always nice to have an extra set of eyes for it.
Anything else to keep in mind while editing?
Yes, make sure to follow the Manual of Style as usual, especially in regards to the use of Template:nbsp and numbers. Please remember to only make links that are relevant to the context. Also, remember that this is a stable article for the most part, so take care while editing while still being bold. Finally, avoid using Microsoft itself as a source.
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Anyone know what the acronym MSFT means.Edit

MicroSoft Financial Times ? (talk) 08:00, 9 May 2020 (UTC)

It is the NASDAQ trading symbol for the company. See — Preceding unsigned comment added by Stevep001 (talkcontribs) 03:01, 23 June 2020 (UTC)

Incorrect citation/citation typo #45Edit

Citation #45 Tilly, Chris. "The History of Microsoft Windows CE". HPC:Factor. Archived from the original on September 21, 2008. Retrieved August 18, 2008.

Should be Tilley, Chris, not Tilly. See

Produce a trusted source for "Microsoft donates to politicians who deny climate change"Edit

There are not very clear reasons as to why someone would include this line without producing a solid article/news coverage, in the environment section. meowmeow \S-) (talk) 10:01, 7 August 2020 (UTC)

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