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Stock post message.svg To-do list for Alternate history: edit·history·watch·refresh· Updated 2016-08-23

  • Find more sources for the article.
  • Cleanup the "External Links" section, there is way to many links there and they need to be limited to notable sites.
  • Copyedit/proofread article to meet Manual of Style.
  • See if "Points of divergence", "Counterfactual history", and "Sidewise Award for Alternate History", should have their own sections or be worked into "See Also"
  • "Elements of alternate history" and "Development of more sophisticated framings" needs sources.
  • Add a Comics sub-section in "Alternate history in other media." See What If (comics), Elseworlds, and List of alternate history fiction#Comics for ideas.
  • Remove many of the specific examples of alternate history. They are threatening to overwhelm the article.
  • Maybe none of the examples has to be removed entirely, but most of them could be compressed into one list with links leading to the articles about the specific works of fiction (if those articles already exist)

Please add more items if you think they need addressing.


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'Alternative', not 'alternate'.Edit

'Alternative history' is an exclusively British English term according to this article, when in fact it is simply correct English, as any good dictionary will attest.

The title of the page should be 'Alternative history' and in the first sentence it should be noted 'often incorrectly referred to as Alternate history '. -- (talk) 13:39, 21 February 2017 (UTC)H. A. Lynch

Doesn't matter. "Alternate history" is what it's called in American English, and that's what the article used when it was first started. See Talk:Alternate history/Archive 3#Alternative vs Alternate for a 2015 discussion, and links there to previous discussions on the subject. - BilCat (talk)
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