Talagang (Urdu: تلہ گنگ‎), the headquarters of Talagang Tehsil, is a town located in Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan.[1][2] It lies about 30 kilometers from the M-2 motorway and about 45 kilometers from the district capital, Chakwal.


تلہ گنگ
Talagang is located in Pakistan
Talagang is located in Punjab, Pakistan
Coordinates: 32°55′40″N 72°24′40″E / 32.92778°N 72.41111°E / 32.92778; 72.41111Coordinates: 32°55′40″N 72°24′40″E / 32.92778°N 72.41111°E / 32.92778; 72.41111
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Soan River

Talagang Tehsil consists of 102 villages. Some famous villages in Talagang are Thoha Mehram Khan, Qaderpur, Chinji, Adlaka, Jhatla, Dhurnal, Mogla, Malakwal, Tamman, Akwal, Singwala, Bilalabad, Chokhandi, Pera Fatehal.


Talagang is the administrative center of Talagang Tehsil, one of the four tehsils (administrative subdivisions) of Chakwal District. The tehsil is divided into 23 union councils, two of which form the city of Talagang. Approximately 102 villages in 2012 were under the tehsil administration of Talagang.


Talagang Population is based on 99% Muslims. Some Christian Families are part of Population. Mostly Peoples are religious. Sunniسنی(Including Deobandiدیوبندی, Barelwi بریلوی and Tauheedi توحیدی etc), Shia شعیہ are mostly part of Muslims Firqas(فرقہ). Shias are 30% of the city's population. People perform their prayers in deep brotherhood here, especially in Mundial Mosque. People from across Punjab visit here, to so many shrines like Ghos Badshah, baba chole wala, Baba Shah, and Amma Bibi located in different parts of Tehsil Talagang. Talagang has a wide range of mosques, including Colony Mosque and Mughal Mosque Basti Faizabad. Hussani Mosque, Masjid Farooq-e-Azam, Mundial Mosque Eidgah and Shia Eidgah are also included in renowned mosques of the city.


People mostly speak the Dhani Punjabi. Urdu is also spoken and understood by local people.


There are three main chowks (Open market-places) in Talagang namely Traffic Chowk (The Heart of City) which is situated in the middle of Talagang. The other chowks are Sadiq-a-Bad Chowk (Also called Jahaz Chowk) and Mundial Chowk.

Health facilitiesEdit

Talagang has public sector health facilities, including the Tehsil headquarters hospital and a 50-bed city hospital. Private hospitals are also there. The major hospitals are Saad Hospital, Al Karam Hospital, Al Qamar Hospital and Madina Hospital, Mehboob Niazi Hospital. In charity, newly build 50 bed Iman Hospital donated to the community by Alvi family. Al-Khidmat hospital is also situated near Sadiq Abad chowk on Sargodha road.


Talagang has public colleges with separate campuses for male and female students. It has one post-graduate college that offers masters level classes for both men and women. One of the oldest educational institutions is the Fauji Foundation Inter College. Established in 1988, Fauji upgraded to an intermediate college. Several semi-governmental and private schools and colleges are there, some of them providing co-education. Talagang is in the district of Chakwal which, according to Alif Ailaan's Pakistan District Education Rankings 2014, is the highest ranked district in Punjabi in terms of education.[citation needed]

Local newspapersEdit

Local newspapers include the Weekly Mutaqarib,Weekly Puraman, Weekly Talagang Times, Weekly Talagang News, Weekly Akse Talagang and Voice of Talagang.[citation needed]