Sweet Freedom: A Devotional is a 2015 book by Sarah Palin. It consists of 260 devotionals, all based on biblical verses, discussing the author's takes on current political topics. The book was generally well received, including endorsement of public figures such as Donald Trump and Mark Levin.[2][3] According to the book's publisher Regnery Publishing, the book peaked at number one on the Amazon chart for devotionals.[3] During the month after the release of the book, Palin attended book signings in North Carolina, Florida and California.

Sweet Freedom: A Devotional
AuthorSarah Palin
CountryUnited States
SubjectReligion, politics
PublisherRegnery Publishing
Publication date
November 16, 2015
Media typeHardcover (large print and audiobook available)
Pages288 [1]
Preceded byGood Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas 


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