Supreme Ruthenian Council


Supreme Ruthenian Council (Ukrainian: Головна Руска Рада, Holovna ruska rada, or HRR) was first legal Ruthenian political organization that existed in 1848-1851.

It was founded on 2 May 1848 in Lemberg (today Lviv), Austrian Empire as the result of the 1848 Spring of Nations and in response to the earlier created by the local Polish community Central National Council which claim itself as the representative body of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria. In its manifest of 10 May 1848 the council declared about the unity of all 15 million Ukrainian people and expressed its support for all people of the Austrian Empire.

The organization had three main political requests.

  • divide Galicia into two separate administrative units western for Poles and eastern for Ukrainians
  • unite into one province all Ukrainian lands of Galicia, Subcarpathia, and Bucovina
  • lectures in schools and publishing of government statements need to be conducted in Ukrainian language

Supreme Ruthenian Council consisted of 30 members who were representatives of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and intelligentsia. Head of the council was elected bishop of Premissel Hryhoriy Yakhymovych, later canon Mykhailo Kuzemsky. Yakhymovych's assistants were Mykhailo Kuzemsky and Ivan Borysykevych. The council contained several departments.

Three members of the organization attended the Prague Slavic Congree in June 1848.

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