Sunday's Child is a John Martyn album released in 1975. John Martyn's follow-up to 1973's Inside Out is a more song-oriented, less experimental album. His eighth record, including two with his wife Beverley Martyn, shows the many facets of Martyn's playing, from his effects-driven electric guitar to his acoustic work. This album contains a collection of original songs along with a pair of covers: the traditional British ballad "Spencer the Rover", and the country standard "Satisfied Mind". The song "The Message" features a pair of verses written by Martyn sung in his typical style, alternating with a pair of verses from the Scottish folk ballad "Mairi's Wedding" sung with a Scottish lilt.

Sunday's Child
Sunday's Child.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJanuary 1975
RecordedAugust 1974
StudioIsland Studios, Hammersmith, London
GenreFolk rock
ProducerJohn Martyn
John Martyn chronology
Inside Out
Sunday's Child
One World
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars[1]
Record Collector3/5 stars [2]

Track listingEdit

All tracks composed by John Martyn except where indicated.

  1. "One Day Without You"
  2. "Lay It All Down"
  3. "Root Love"
  4. "My Baby Girl"
  5. "Sunday's Child"
  6. "Spencer the Rover" (Traditional, arr. John Martyn)
  7. "Clutches"
  8. "The Message"
  9. "Satisfied Mind" (Red Hayes, Jack Rhodes; falsely credited as Traditional, arr. John Martyn)
  10. "You Can Discover"
  11. "Call Me Crazy"

Bonus tracksEdit

  1. "Ellie Rhee" (outtake)
  2. "A Satisfied Mind" (first mix)
  3. "One Day Without You" (live)
  4. "You Can Discover" (live)
  5. "My Baby Girl" (live)
  6. "The Message" (live)
  7. "Spencer The Rover" (live)"

Bonus tracks 3–7 recorded 7 January 1975 for John Peel session. John Martyn solo, with guitar.


  • Richard Digby Smith - engineer
  • Dick Cuthell - technician
  • Visualeyes - photography


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