Stuttgart-Weilimdorf station

Stuttgart-Weilimdorf station is in the Stuttgart municipality of Weilimdorf in the German state of Baden-Württemberg on the Württemberg Black Forest railway and is part of the Stuttgart S-Bahn network.

Through station
Bahnhof Weilimdorf.JPG
LocationMittlerer Pfad, Weilimdorf, Baden-Württemberg
Coordinates48°49′19″N 9°5′39″E / 48.82194°N 9.09417°E / 48.82194; 9.09417
Other information
Station code6088[1]
DS100 codeTSWF[2]
Fare zoneVerkehrs- und Tarifverbund Stuttgart
Opened3 December 1988
Preceding station   S-Bahn Stuttgart   Following station
S 6
toward Böblingen
S 60
toward Böblingen
Weilimdorf is located in Baden-Württemberg
Location in Baden-Württemberg
Weilimdorf is located in Germany
Location in Germany
Weilimdorf is located in Europe
Location in Europe


In the mid-1860s the Royal Württemberg State Railways (German: Königlich Württembergischen Staats-Eisenbahnen) planned a line from Stuttgart to Calw. This would branch from the Northern Railway (Nordbahn) in Feuerbach or Zuffenhausen and run through the Strohgäu district to Leonberg. In 1865, the parliament of Württemberg decided that the line would branch at Zuffenhausen. This decision had a negative impact on the community of Weil im Dorf, as the line only touched the north-west of the district.

The nearest station to the village was located almost two kilometres away in Korntal. It was opened on 23 September 1868. Because there were significantly more residents in Weil im Dorf than in Korntal, the station was called Kornthal-Weil im Dorf or, from 1904, Korntal-Weil im Dorf (reflecting a national spelling change). The village was connected to the station via Ludwigsburger Straße (now called Solitudestraße) or Bahnhofweg (now called Karl-Frey-Straße).

In 1913 and 1914, plans were developed for a line of the Stuttgart suburban tramway from Feuerbach via Weil im Dorf to Gerlingen. However, due to disputes over the route and the outbreak of World War I, the project could not be realised. Weil im Dorf finally received a tram service in 1926, with the opening of the Feuerbach Municipal Tramway (Städtische Straßenbahn Feuerbach). This now forms part of line U 13 of the Stuttgart Stadtbahn.

In May 1962, the Stuttgart City Council was presented with its Transport Master Plan commissioned in 1957. The traffic engineer Professor Walter Lambert had developed a transportation plan for the state capital and its environs. His design also took into account Weilimdorf (as it had been spelt since 1955) and he proposed a new station on the Black Forest Railway, between the stations of Korntal and Ditzingen. This was finally opened by Deutsche Bundesbahn on 3 December 1988.

Rail operationsEdit

The station is served by lines S 6 and S 60 of the Stuttgart S-Bahn. It has two through tracks. Track 1 is served by trains towards Korntal and track 2 is served by trains towards Leonberg.

Line Route
S 6 Weil der StadtRenningenLeonbergWeilimdorfZuffenhausenHauptbahnhofSchwabstraße
(additional services in the peak between Leonberg and Schwabstraße)
S 60 BöblingenSindelfingenMagstadt – Renningen – Leonberg – Weilimdorf – Zuffenhausen – Hauptbahnhof – Schwabstraße

The station is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 5 station.[1]



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