Startup Monthly

StartupMonthly (STM) is an online news portal offering updates from the startup ecosystem with offices located in San Francisco, California.

Startup Monthly LLC
IndustryOnline news portal
  • Yuri Rabinovich
  • Ziv Yoash
  • Vadim Slavin
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California


StartupMonthly was founded in 2010–2011 by Yuri Rabinovich,[1] Ziv Yoash,[2] and Vadim Slavin.[3]

Startup Monthly was originally created as a month-long program to help young entrepreneurs find cofounders, generate a business model, and investigate its viability, giving the firm the name it has today.[4] This program was called "Idea Accelerator".[citation needed] Following the success of this program, Idea Accelerator was split into several sections in May 2014,[5] with Startup Monthly becoming the news portal side of the operation, allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to stay up to date with the latest initiatives in Silicon Valley and throughout the rest of the startup world.


Startup Monthly now takes the form of a website[6] and newsletter. Both of these ventures provide their readers with the latest news coming out of the startup ecosystem. Featured articles include editorials by employees, contributions from across the startup scene, and press releases. Startup Monthly maintains a social media presence though its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Related businessesEdit

The founders of Startup Monthly are also the creators of several other companies: Monthly Ventures,[7] a seed fund, Startup Socials,[8] an international network of entrepreneurs attending networking events throughout the world, and Veritamo,[9] a start-up exclusively catering to high-end luxury consumers.


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