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Standard Ebooks is a not-for-profit platform that curates, refines, and republishes existing copies of freely available public domain e-books no longer protected by U.S. copyright law.[1][2] Its code is open source and is available for contribution from volunteers.[3] Standard Ebooks sources its titles from sources like Project Gutenberg, the Internet Archive, and Wikisource, among others.[4]

Standard Ebooks
Pride and prejudice.jpg
Cover of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, created by Standard Ebooks volunteers using public domain artwork

Established2015; 5 years ago (2015)
LocationUnited States
Size400 documents (August 2020)

All Standard Ebooks titles are released in epub, azw3, Kepub and epub3 formats. All of the project's book files are released in the public domain, and all code is released under the GNU General Public License v3.


The project creates books using a style guide which the project calls The Standard Ebooks Manual of Style. It provides a guide for volunteers to edit and produce e-books that comply with the project's standards. Their finished product is designed to take advantage of modern e-reader technology, and utilize modern and consistent typography. This stands in contrast to the work of transcription sites like Project Gutenberg, which John Gruber of Daring Fireball described as "an amazing library," but whose books are "a mess typographically."[5][6]

Book coversEdit

Standard Ebooks creates book covers from public domain fine art. Volunteers are tasked to locate a painting suitable for the specific e-book they are producing.



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