Stadtbrauerei Spalt

The Stadtbrauerei Spalt (Spalt City Brewery in German) is a brewery in the Middle Franconian town of Spalt which was created in the year 1879 through the merger of numerous smaller breweries.[2]

Stadtbrauerei Spalt
Spalter logo.png
LocationSpalt, Bavaria, (Germany)
Coordinates49°10′28″N 10°55′30″E / 49.17444°N 10.92500°E / 49.17444; 10.92500Coordinates: 49°10′28″N 10°55′30″E / 49.17444°N 10.92500°E / 49.17444; 10.92500
Key peopleBürgermeister Udo Weingart

Since 2006, it is the last municipally owned brewery in Germany. For brewing, the local hop variety "Spalter Aromahopfen" is used,[3][4] which is the town's most important trade good. The history of beer brewing in Spalt can be traced back as far as 1376. The Stadtbrauerei brews in a traditional way without preservatives. The beers are not pasteurised and are kept in cold storage after being filled into bottles.[5] There are 18 different flavours available, brewed after the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516.[6] The ripening takes five to ten weeks.

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