Sixtus of Reims

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Saint Sixtus of Reims (French: Sixte de Reims) (died c. 300) is considered the first bishop of Reims.[1] According to Hincmar,[2] a 9th-century archbishop of Reims, Sixtus was sent from Rome by Pope Sixtus II to Gaul to assist in Christianizing the region.[3] Another tradition makes him, anachronistically, the disciple of Saint Peter.[4] According to tradition, Sixtus of Reims, along with his companion St. Sinicius (Sinice), established the Christian sees of Reims and Soissons.[3] Sinicius would later succeed Sixtus as bishop of Reims.[5] According to one source, “it would appear that Sixtus did not die as a martyr, despite the severity of the persecution during the era.”[1]

Saint Sixtus of Reims
Died~300 AD
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
FeastSeptember 1


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