St. Johannis, Schalkau

St. Johannis or Johanniskirche is a Lutheran church and parish, dedicated to John the Baptist, in Schalkau, Thuringia, Germany. The listed monument is a landmark of the town.

St. Johannis in Schalkau


The sacristy is the oldest part of the present building, built in Romanesque style in the 13th century.[1] The building was first mentioned in 1232, listing the name of a priest.[1] The church to which it belonged, burned down in 1505. Building of a new church began in 1516 with a choir in late-Gothic style. It was dedicated to John the Baptist in 1520 by bishop Nicopolis. The choir held a high altar and two side altars.[1]

The nave was added in the 16th century, and renovated in 1663 erneuert. In 1690, the town was hit by a fire, and the church burnt down. It was restored in 1700, and the steeple added.[1]

The present interior was shaped by Baumeister Rommel in 1884. The third balcony was removed, and the remaining two were painted. The choir was crowned with a star vault. Walls and ceiling were painted in moderation. Two life-size figure of Martin Luther and Melanchthon were added, but the latter disappeared. The organ was moved from the choir to the second balcony.[1]

The parish is part of Kirchenkreis Sonneberg.[1]


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