Spooky Valentine is a Philippine television drama romance horror anthology broadcast by GMA Network. It premiered on February 4, 2012 replacing Spooky Nights. The show concluded on February 25, 2012 with a total of 4 episodes.

Spooky Valentine
Also known asSpooky Valentine Presents
Directed byUro Q. dela Cruz
Country of originPhilippines
Original language(s)Tagalog
No. of episodes4
Production location(s)Philippines
Camera setupMultiple-camera setup
Running time30–60 minutes
Production company(s)GMA Entertainment TV
Original networkGMA Network
Picture format480i (SDTV)
Original releaseFebruary 4 (2012-02-04) –
February 25, 2012 (2012-02-25)
Related showsSpooky Nights


In Spooky Valentine, a story with a slightly scary theme runs for a number of weeks and is replaced by a new one with a different cast once it finishes.



Airdate February 4, 2012
Elena, a loving wife and mother, and an ideal teacher who volunteers to practice her profession in a far-flung province. There, she meets a mysterious old woman, whose seemingly harmless touch drastically changes Elena's life.

When Elena returns home to her family, she begins to behave oddly. Her husband Nestor (TJ Trinidad) and their daughter Onay notice many things strange about her actuations. Who used to be a loving wife and mother has become a blood-thirsty cannibal.

Odd as it may be, Elena's transformation has not shaken Nestor's love for her. He decides to defend his wife against the angry mob running after her. But if Nestor could accept his wife's predicament, Elena couldn't. She takes her own life hoping that this would mean everyone could now live in peace. But when Nestor, Onay and Elena's mother put flowers on her grave her arm rises from the earth. Will peace be restored to their town or will Elena reek havok among the town?[1]

Director Uro Q. dela Cruz
Cast and characters


Airdate February 11, 2012
Patrick (Antonio Aquitaña), a massage-parlor owner, who meets an accident that would render him suffering from locunar amnesia. After being discharged from the hospital, he resumes work at the massage parlor hoping that this would aid in his recovery. But just as he thinks everything in his life is falling back into place, something strange happens: a ghost of a beautiful woman frequently appears to him, seemingly wanting to reveal to him something. Ripped off his memories, Patrick couldn't comprehend that the ghost was that of Noemi (Katrina Halili), a former masseuse who worked at his parlor. Noemi and Patrick's womanizing brother Mike (Paolo Contis) have had an affair until one day, it took a tragic end. As Patrick recovers his memory, he begins to solve the puzzle, piece by piece.[2]
Cast and characters


Airdate February 18, 2012
Ariel (Aljur Abrenica), a taxi driver, who's a single dad to Paula (Mona Louise Rey). He does his job of taking passengers wherever they want to go, but one day, he starts seeing dead people and worst, I notice the people I'm close to, Jellie (Maxine Magalona) and Tiya Pusit, ignore me like I don't exist. Only my little daughter can see me.

He then meets Jonas (Frank Magalona), a lost ghost, who explains to him that the reason he sees dead people is because he himself is already dead. But there's a reason why his soul lingers on earth and cannot cross over to the afterlife. He has unfinished business and one more mission to perform.

Cast and characters


Airdate February 25, 2012
Curie (Albert "Betong" Sumaya, Jr.), a manicurist whose only ambition in life is to be known for his talent and to properly raise his adopted child Yoyo. Curie is a magnanimous person, admired by every one around him because of his charm and sincerity. Curie has a weakness, however – men. He is easily duped by boys whose only intention in flattering him is to take advantage of his generosity. One of them is Kiko, Curie's current boyfriend (Ryan Eigenmann). Kiko not only spends Curie's savings wastefully, he also uses Curie's son Yoyo as a “runner” for a syndicate. Curie learns about this and, enraged, confronts Kiko. During the fight, Kiko unintentionally kills Curie. Now, Yoyo will have to bear the cruelty of his sole guardian Kiko.

Even death could not stop Curie from protecting Yoyo. He comes back as a vengeful spirit and tries to save his child from Kiko's misdeeds. But this is not going to be easy since, as Curie later learns, Kiko is also backed up by an unearthly evil power from a Sorceress named Nicolette (Chariz Solomon).

Director Uro Q. dela Cruz
Cast and characters


Airdate March 10, 2012
William and Wilson (Mark Anthony Fernandez) are twins but because Wilson taught that their mother (Maria Isabel Lopez) loved William better Wilson decided to kill William, when they were swimming Wilson brought William to the deep part of the beach because William knew that Wilson didn't know how to swim so William drowned. Wilson grew up to be a great bank manager with their mother then he met Karen (Stef Prescott) in the bank, they became friends first but soon they got attracted to each other. Then they decided to get married but William came back from the dead as a ghost killed Wilson then got into his body. What will happen to Karen and Wilson's relationship now that William came back....
Cast and characters


Airdate March 17, 2012
Cast and characters


According to AGB Nielsen Philippines' Mega Manila household television ratings, the pilot episode of Spooky Valentine earned a 20.5% rating.[3] While the final episode scored a 19.9% rating.[4]


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