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{{Wikibreak|image=Dalai Lama leaving Lhassa,1904.jpg|message=I am taking time off from Wikipedia to do some writing unrelated to it. I will be gone until mid-February 2021. Not to log in at all during this time for reading or making Wikipedia-related edits will be my aspiration and my longing. , Asas it will be not to respond to any Wikipedia-related posts on my user talk page, especiallyto posts that thoseare laden with moral squalor. I may log in on this page though to post beautiful pictures, whether posed around me by others (but framed in pixels by me) or fashioned in words by others (but copied out, word for word, by me). [[User:Fowler&amp;fowler|<span style="color:#B8860B">Fowler&amp;fowler</span>]][[User talk:Fowler&amp;fowler|<span style="color:#708090">«Talk»</span>]] 11:08, 28 October 2020 (UTC) }}
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<!---{{Wikibreak|image = PalmercarpenterA.jpg|message = I will no longer be working on India-related topics. I'm taking them off my watchlist. Consider me site banned.The advent of the metaphorically professional graduate students with infinite time, obsessive bias, and ready access to sources which they have failed to fully comprehend has made this decision both inevitable and irrevocable. When I began editing India-related articles in August 2006, I had much more energy and enthusiasm to counter bias. I don't any more. I would like to than some fantastic people I met along the way such as Nichalp, Saravask, Ravichandar, RegentsPark, and Sitush. There were many others whose names I don't recall just this minute Best regards, [[User:Fowler&amp;fowler|<font color="#B8860B">Fowler&amp;fowler</font>]][[User talk:Fowler&amp;fowler|<font color="#708090">«Talk»</font>]] 05:59, 1 September 2018 (UTC)}}-->