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[[File:Grosvenor House Hotel 1920s 001.jpg|thumb|left|[[Grosvenor House Hotel]], 1920s postcard illustration]]
Sahara owned a controlling stake in [[New York City]]'s [[Plaza Hotel]] and Dream Downtown Hotel, New York.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Sahara checks into iconic New York hotel |work=Hindustan Times |date=31 July 2012 |access-date=30 September 2012 |url-status=dead |archive-url= |archive-date=28 January 2014 }}</ref><ref>[ Sahara buys UK hotel for Rs 3,275cr], ''The Times of India'', 31 December 2010</ref> Sahara entered into an agreement to sellsold the Plaza Hotelhotel to [[ShahalKatara M. KhanHospitality]] and [[Kamran Hakim]] for $600 million in MayJuly 2018.<ref>{{citeCite webnews|urlfirst=|last=Karmin|first2=Keiko|last2=Morris|date=July 3, 2018/05/03/nyregion/plaza-hotel-sale.html|title=DealNew IsYork’s Iconic Plaza Hotel ReachedSold to SellQatar theFund Plazafor Hotel$600 Million|datelanguage=3en-US|work=Wall MayStreet 2018Journal|url=|access-date=8December June1, 20182020|viaissn=NYTimes.com0099-9660}}</ref>
In India, the group owns the "Sahara Star" hotel near Mumbai's [[Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport]].