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Later in the 20th century, the Plaza Hotel served as home to "wealthy widows", such as performer [[Kay Thompson]], who wrote the ''[[Eloise (books)|Eloise]]'' children's book series about a young girl who lived at the hotel.<ref name="nyt20190607" /> During the Great Depression, the "wealthy widows" were considered "a tourist attraction in their own right", with their rent income keeping the hotel solvent.<ref name="Satow ch. 6" /> The hotel's other residents included playwright [[Ferenc Molnár]].<ref name="Satow ch. 6" /><ref name="Gathje p. 90">{{harvnb|Gathje|2000|ps=.|p=90}}</ref>
After many units were converted to condominium units in 2008, the Plaza Hotel became highly coveted as a residence for the rich.<ref name="Satow ch. 13" /> The residents included executives such as [[Kraft Company]] CEO [[Robert Kraft]],<ref>{{Cite web|last=Keil|first=Braden|date=September 10, 2008|title=White Elephant|url=|access-date=November 30, 2020|website=New York Post|language=en-US}}</ref> [[JetBlue]] CEO [[David Barger]],<ref>{{Cite news|last=Barbanel|first=Josh|date=September 30, 2007|title=Taking Refuge at the Plaza|language=en-US|work=The New York Times|url=|access-date=November 30, 2020|issn=0362-4331}}</ref> [[Bear Stearns]] CEO [[James Cayne]],<ref>{{Cite news|date=August 15, 2013|title=Bear Stearns's Cayne Lists in New York|language=en-US|work=Wall Street Journal|url=|access-date=November 30, 2020|issn=0099-9660}}</ref> [[Viacom (1952–2006)|Viacom]] CEO [[Thomas E. Dooley]],<ref>{{Cite web|date=November 20, 2007|title=When Is $7.8 M. Not A Lot? When It’s A Condo at The Plaza|url=|access-date=November 30, 2020|website=Observer|language=en-US}}</ref> [[Sony Music Entertainment]] CEO [[Doug Morris]],<ref>{{Cite web|last=Stone|first=Madeline|title=The CEO Of Sony Music Is Selling His Ritzy New York City Condo For $11.5 Million|url=|access-date=November 30, 2020|website=Business Insider}}</ref> and ''[[Idols (franchise)|Idols]]'' franchise producer [[Simon Fuller]].<ref>{{cite web|last=Alberts|first=Hana R.|title=Huxley Building Action; American Idol Creator Sells Plaza Pads|website=Curbed NY|date=October 16, 2014|url=|access-date=November 30, 2020}}</ref> Other notable residents included musician [[Moby]],<ref>{{Cite web|last=Gould|first=Jennifer|date=March 13, 2020|title=Moby’s Central Park penthouse asking $5.75M|url=|access-date=November 30, 2020|website=New York Post|language=en-US}}</ref> developer [[Christian Candy]],<ref>{{Cite news|last=Barbanel|first=Josh|date=March 6, 2012|title=Candy Gets Taste of the Plaza|language=en-US|work=Wall Street Journal|url=|access-date=November 30, 2020|issn=0099-9660}}</ref> and fashion designer [[Tommy Hilfiger]].<ref>{{Cite news|last=Marino|first=Vivian|date=November 1, 2019|title=Tommy Hilfiger’s Duplex Sells After 11 Years on the Market (Published 2019)|language=en-US|work=The New York Times|url=|access-date=November 30, 2020|issn=0362-4331}}</ref>
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