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: [[Climate of India]] is in a poor state, and I would certainly not want to copy from that article. I have on a few occasions deleted climate denial from it, but the sourcing remains poor. Extreme heat needs to be addressed (f.i. using Changes in the monsoon are important, but possibly too uncertain to be mentioned in this article ( What sources were you thinking for the other statements? [[User:Femkemilene|Femke Nijsse]] ([[User talk:Femkemilene|talk]]) 13:20, 30 November 2020 (UTC)
::This is a much more constructive suggestion {{re|Emsmile}}. Why don't you and {{re|Femkemilene}} write a paragraph of eight to ten sentences on it, and add it to the article either as a subsection of Geography or as an independent section? Btw, I don't disagree that the Cuisine and Clothing sections need to be shortened, but that is an easy fix. The bigger problems in the article are Politics, Economy, Culture, Society, Art, Architecture, and Sport. Femkemilene should have been clearer in her initial post that she was giving a talk page notice for an FAR. [[User:Fowler&amp;fowler|<span style="color:#B8860B">Fowler&amp;fowler</span>]][[User talk:Fowler&amp;fowler|<span style="color:#708090">«Talk»</span>]] 15:36, 30 November 2020 (UTC)