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'''Sir David Robert Sterling''' {{postnominals|country=GBR|size=100%|KCB}} (born 7 March 1958) is a Northern Ireland civil servant. Since 2017, he was the [[Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service|Interim Head]] of the [[Northern Ireland Civil Service]], [[Permanent Secretary]] of the [[Executive Office (Northern Ireland)|Executive Office]], and Secretary to [[Northern Ireland Executive]]: as such, he was the most senior civil servant in [[Northern Ireland]].<ref name="WW 2019">{{cite web |title=Sterling, David Robert |url=https://www.ukwhoswho.com/view/10.1093/ww/9780199540884.001.0001/ww-9780199540884-e-151400 |website=[[Who's Who 2019]] |publisher=Oxford University Press |accessdate=5 August 2019 |language=en |doi=10.1093/ww/9780199540884.001.0001/ww-9780199540884-e-151400 |date=1 December 2018}}</ref><ref name="BBC new">{{cite web |title=New head of NI Civil Service appointed |url=https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-40278366 |website=[[BBC News]] |accessdate=5 August 2019 |date=14 June 2017}}</ref><ref name="bio ex">{{cite web |title=David Sterling |url=https://www.executiveoffice-ni.gov.uk/david-sterling-0 |website=The Executive Office |accessdate=5 August 2019 |language=en |date=10 July 2017}}</ref>
He was appointed [[Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath]] (KCB) in the [[2020 Birthday Honours]].<ref>{{London Gazette|issue=63135|supp=y|page=B3|date=10 October 2020}}</ref> He stepped down as Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service on 31 August 2020, after 42 years as a civil servant.<ref>{{cite web |last1=Dunton |first1=Jim |title=David Sterling stands down after ‘42 years, 199 days’ with NICS |url=https://www.civilserviceworld.com/news/article/david-sterling-stands-down-after-42-years-199-days-with-nics |website=Civil Service World |access-date=30 November 2020 |language=en |date=1 September 2020}}</ref>
== Resignation==
David Sterling stepped down as Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service in August 2020 and The post has remained vacant but
Jenny Pyper was appointed by the [[First Minister and deputy First Minister]] and will assume the post from 1st December 2020 for a temporary term of eight months until a permanent Head of the Civil Service can be appointed.