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[[File:United States Antarctic Program website from 2018 02 22.png|thumb|right|240px|The [[home page]] of the [[United States Antarctic Program|usap.gov]] website]]
A '''web page''' (or '''webpage''') is a [[document]]specific orcollection of information resourceprovided thatby is suitable for thea [[World Wide Webwebsite]] and candisplayed be accessed throughto a [[webuser browser(computing)|user]] and displayed onin a [[monitor]]web or [[mobile devicebrowser]]. ThisA informationwebsite istypically usuallyconsists inof HTMLmany orweb XHTMLpages format,[[hyperlink|linked]] andtogether mayin providea navigationcoherent to other web pages via hypertext linksfashion. WebThe pagesname frequently"web subsumepage" otheris resourcesa suchmetaphor asof [[stylePage sheets]],(paper)|paper [[scriptspages]], andbound together into a [[imagesbook]] into their final presentation.
Web pages may be retrieved from a local computer or from a remote [[web server]]. The web server may restrict access only to a private network, e.g. a corporate [[intranet]], or it may publish pages on the World Wide Web. Web pages are requested and served from web [[servers]] using [[Hypertext Transfer Protocol]] (HTTP).
Web pages may consist of static text and other content stored within the web server's file system (static web pages), or may be constructed by server-side software when they are requested (dynamic web pages). Client-side scripting can make web-pages more responsive to user input once on the client browser.