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'''Sir Philip Robert Barton''' {{post-nominals|country=GBR|size=100%|KCMG|OBE}} (born 18 August 1963) is a senior British diplomat, currently the [[Permanent Under-Secretary]] of the [[Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office]]. He was previously British [[High Commissioner (Commonwealth)|High Commissioner]] to India; he was High Commissioner to Pakistan from 2014 to 2016.<ref name = "HC">{{cite web|title=Philip Barton - GOV.UK|url=||accessdate=23 December 2015}}</ref><ref name="pakistan-dep">[ Change of British High Commissioner], British High Commission Islamabad, 11 February 2016.</ref>
==Early life and education==
Barton gained a BA degree from [[Warwick University]] and a MSc in economics from the [[London School of Economics]].
Barton gained a BA degree from [[Warwick University]] and a MSc in economics from the [[London School of Economics]]. He joined the [[Foreign and Commonwealth Office]] (FCO) in 1986 and served at [[Caracas]], [[New Delhi]], at the FCO, and on secondment to the [[Cabinet Office]] and as a private secretary to the [[Prime Minister of the United Kingdom|Prime Minister]]. He was deputy [[High Commissioner (Commonwealth)|High Commissioner]] to [[Cyprus]] 2000–04; deputy Governor of [[Gibraltar]] 2005–08 (with a spell as acting Governor in 2006); Director, South Asia, at the FCO 2008–09; Director, Foreign Policy and Afghanistan, and Pakistan Co-ordinator at the Cabinet Office 2009–11; deputy [[head of mission]] at [[Washington, D.C.]] 2011–14; and was appointed High Commissioner to [[Pakistan]] from January 2014.<ref>[ BARTON, Philip Robert], ''Who's Who 2014'', A & C Black, 2014; online edn, Oxford University Press, Dec 2013</ref><ref>[ Philip Barton, British High Commissioner to Pakistan],</ref><ref>[ New British High Commissioner arrives in Pakistan], British High Commission Islamabad, 15 January 2014</ref> He left Islamabad at the end of his assignment on 11 February 2016 and took up a post as Director General Consular & Security at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London, which he left in January 2020 to assume the role of High Commissioner to India, with the presentation of his credentials to the [[President of India]] on 08 July, 2020.<ref name="pakistan-dep"/><ref name = "HC"/><ref>{{cite website
|title = Envoys of three nations present Credentials through Video Conference
|url =