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Manzoni was appointed to join the board of the alcohol company [[Diageo]] in 2020, with his term starting in October.<ref>{{Cite web|title=Pandemic proves opportunity for industry power grab|url=|access-date=2020-06-24|website=The Bureau of Investigative Journalism|language=en}}</ref><ref>{{Cite web|last=Checkout|title=Diageo Names Sir John Manzoni As Non-Executive Director|url=|access-date=2020-06-24|website=Checkout|language=en}}</ref>
Manzoni was appointed Chair-Designate for the newly [[renationalised]] [[Atomic Weapons Establishment]] in November 2020: he will take up the post on 1 July 2021.<ref>{{cite web |title=Sir John Manzoni announced as Chair Designate for AWE plc NDPB Board |url= |website=GOV.UK |publisher=Ministry of Defence |language=en |date=19 November 2020}}</ref>
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