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Musical worship mixes contemporary and traditional styles, featuring either the church's worship band, orchestra, singing group or choir at all the main regular Sunday services, under the leadership of Michael Andrews. In 1972, the All Souls Orchestra was founded by former director of music and Emeritus Conductor, [[Noël Tredinnick]], and has accompanied Sir [[Cliff Richard]], [[Stuart Townend (musician)|Stuart Townend]] and other notable Christian artists. The orchestra and a massed choir perform annually at the [[Royal Albert Hall]] for the All Souls "Prom Praise" concert, which also tours across the UK and internationally. "Prom Praise for Schools" is sometimes held alongside Prom Praise, providing children from across the [[Diocese of London]] the chance to sing with the All Souls Orchestra. In 2012, the All Souls Orchestra celebrated its 40th anniversary, alongside special guests including [[Graham Kendrick]], [[Keith & Kristyn Getty]], and Jonathan Veira.
==Present Worship day==
All Souls celebrates four services each Sunday, with an early morning [[Holy Communion]] service at 8:00 am, followed by two other services at 9:30 am and 11:30 am and an evening service at 5:30 pm. There is also a midweek service on Thursdays during term time at 1:05 pm.
Sermons from Sunday services are uploaded for free streaming and download by the following Monday afternoon. The archive now contains over 3,000 sermons.
The church stands in the [[Conservative evangelicalism in the United Kingdom|conservative evangelical]] [[churchmanship|tradition]] of the Church of England.<ref>{{cite web |title=Job Description – Minister (Pastoral & Discipleship) |url= |website=All Souls Church, Langham Place |accessdate=15 August 2020 |format=pdf |date= 2018 |quote=All Souls Today: In the heart of London's West End All Souls is a conservative evangelical Anglican church with a large and diverse congregation.}}</ref> As it rejects the [[Ordination of women in the Anglican Communion|ordination]]/[[Complementarianism|leadership of women]], it receives [[alternative episcopal oversight]] from the [[Bishop of Maidstone]] (currently [[Rod Thomas]]).<ref name="Advert">{{cite web |title=Rector - Job Advert |url= |website=All Souls, Langham Place |access-date=26 November 2020 |archive-url= |archive-date=26 November 2020}}</ref>
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