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Waggett was was ordained in the [[Church of England]] as a deacon in 1885 and a priest in 1886.<ref name="ODNB" /> After parish ministry, he joined the [[Society of St John the Evangelist]] in 1892.<ref name="Missionary Life">{{cite book |last1=Rutt |first1=Steven Richard |title=Roland Allen: A Missionary Life |date=2018 |publisher=The Lutterworth Press |chapter=1. Formation of an Anglican Missionary |url= |access-date=26 November 2020 |archive-url= |archive-date=26 November 2020 |format=pfd}}</ref> He served with the [[religious order]] in Oxford, Cape Town, London and Cambridge. He served in the [[British Army]] as a chaplain throughout the [[First World War]], and was tasked as a [[Political officer (British Empire)|political officer]] with the [[Egyptian Expeditionary Force]] in Palestine from 1918 to 1920. Returning to civilian life, he was a missionary in India and a lecturer at the [[General Theological Seminary]] in New York, before serving as Vicar of [[St Mary the Great, Cambridge]] from 1927 to 1930. He lived out his retirement with the Cowley Fathers and is buried in the churchyard of Cowley St John, Oxford.<ref name="ODNB">{{Cite ODNB |first1=Sidney |last1=Dark |first2=Alan |last2=Wilkinson |title=Waggett, Philip Napier (1862–1939) |id=36676 }}</ref><ref name="WWW">{{cite web |title=Waggett, Rev. Philip Napier |website=[[Who Was Who]] |publisher=Oxford University Press |accessdate=12 November 2020 |url= |doi=10.1093/ww/9780199540884.013.U218618 |date=1 December 2007}}</ref><ref name="obit T">{{cite news |title=Obituary: The Rev P. N. Waggett |work=The Times |issue=48350 |date=6 July 1939}}</ref>
===Military service===
Waggett volunteered as a chaplain with the [[British Army]] on the outbreak of the First World War.<ref name="ODNB" /> After training, he was commissioned as a [[Temporary rank|temporary]] chaplain to the forces 4th class (equivalent in rank to [[Captain (British Army and Royal Marines)|captain]]) on 17 December 1914.<ref name="LG 29023">{{London Gazette |issue= 29023 |date= 29 December 1914 |page= 11204 |supp= y }}</ref> He served with the [[British Expeditionary Force (World War I)|British Expeditionary Force]] in France from September 1914.<ref name="WWW" /> He was senior chaplain of the [[7th Infantry Division (United Kingdom)|7th Division]] in 1916 and senior chaplain [[Tidworth]] area from 1917 to 1918.<ref name="WWW" /> He was promoted to temporary chaplain to the forces 3rd class (equivalent to [[Major (United Kingdom)|major]]) on 18 April 1916.<ref name="LG 29688">{{London Gazette |issue= 29688 |date= 28 July 1916 |page= 7555 |supp= y }}</ref><ref name="LG 29725">{{London Gazette |issue= 29725 |date= 25 August 1916 |page= 8475 |supp= y }}</ref> He was twice [[mentioned in despatches]] for service in France.<ref name="obit T" />