St Anselm Hall: Difference between revisions

== Association and scholarships ==
The history of the St Anselm Hall Association, the Hall’s alumni group, can traced back to the 1930s, when the annual reunion dinner was first held. In the late 1940s Warden Ronald Preston and two of his senior students, Thomas Lawrenson and Lawrence Tremlett, (both themselves former residents) wrote to every old Anselmian, inviting them to a revived reunion dinner, the practice having fallen away during the war. This led to the formal establishment of the St Anselm Hall Association in 1954. The Association is open to all former students, many of whom join on their departure from the hall. Since 2012, the Association has also welcomed ‘Associate Members’, that is those who did not live at St Anselm but nevertheless are linked to it in some way. Today the Association, besides its annual reunion, hosts various events through the year including, amongst others, the London Dinner, Sports Day and University Challenge.