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The '''University of Massachusetts Amherst''' ('''UMass Amherst''', '''UMass''') is a [[State school|public]] research and [[land-grant university]] in [[Amherst, Massachusetts]]. It is the flagship campus of the [[University of Massachusetts|University of Massachusetts system]]. UMass Amherst has an annual enrollment of approximately 1,300 faculty members and more than 30,000 students, along with approximately 1,300 faculty members.<ref name=about /> The university offers academic degrees in 109 undergraduate, 77 master's and 48 doctoral programs. Programs are coordinated in nine schools and colleges.<ref name=about/> It is also a member of the [[Five Colleges (Massachusetts)|Five College Consortium]].
The University of Massachusetts Amherst is [[Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education|classified]] among "R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity".<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Carnegie Foundation Classifications|}}</ref> According to the [[National Science Foundation]], UMass spent $211 million on research and development in 2018, ranking it 111th in the nation.<ref>{{cite web |title=Table 20. Higher education R&D expenditures, ranked by FY 2018 R&D expenditures: FYs 2009–18 |url= | |publisher=[[National Science Foundation]] |accessdate=25 July 2020}}</ref><ref name=about/>