Jetavana: Difference between revisions

===Near Jetavana===
Near Jetavana was evidently a monastery of rival teachers where Ciñcāmānavikā spent her nights as she was hatching her [[Paternity fraud|paternity-fraud]] conspiracy[[smear campaign]] against the Buddha.<ref name=DhA3_179>DhA.iii.179; behind Jetavana was a spot where the Ajivakas practised their austerities (J.i.493). Once the heretics bribed [[Pasenadi]] to let them make a rival settlement behind Jetavana, but the Buddha frustrated their plans (J.ii.170).</ref>
There seems to have been a playground just outside Jetavana used by the children of the neighbourhood, who, when thirsty, would go into Jetavana to drink (DhA.iii.492). The high road to Sāvatthi passed by the edge of Jetavana, and travellers would enter the park to rest and refresh themselves.<ref name=j2_203>J.ii.203, 341; see also vi.70, where two roads are mentioned.</ref>