2022 United States elections: Difference between revisions

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All 435 voting seats in the [[United States House of Representatives]] will be up for election. As of April 2019, only one representative, [[Steve Cohen]] (D-TN) has announced his plan to run again in 2022.<ref>{{cite news|last1=Burgess|first1=Katherine|title=Cohen to seek re-election to Congress in 2020 and 2022|url=https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/news/politics/2019/01/01/cohen-seek-re-election-congress-2020-and-2022/2457391002/|newspaper=The Commercial Appeal|date=January 1, 2019|accessdate=April 11, 2019}}</ref> The incumbents in these races will be determined in the [[2020 United States House of Representatives elections|2020 House of Representatives elections]] and subsequent special elections. As these elections will be the first conducted after the post-[[2020 United States Census|2020 Census]] [[2022 United States redistricting|redistricting]], several districts may lack an incumbent or have multiple incumbents.
On June 26, 2020, the [[Statehood movement in the District of Columbia|H.R. 51 "D.C. Admissions Act"]] was passed by the House of Representatives, meaning it could potentially be passed into law, thus admitting the [[District of Columbia]] as a state during the 117th Congress. This would give the prospective state two Senatorssenators and one member of the House of Representatives.<ref>{{cite news|url=https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/51|title=H.R.51 - Washington, D.C. Admission Act|publisher=United States Congress|accessdate=November 10, 2020}}</ref> The [[2020 United States elections|2020 elections]] also saw the [[2020 Puerto Rican status referendum|Puerto Rican status referendum]], in which the territory of [[Puerto Rico]] voted in favor of being admitted into the union as a state. Like D.C., it would also have two Senatorssenators, andbut unlike the District, it would also gain five seats in the House of Representatives. <ref>{{cite news|url=https://abcnews.go.com/US/puerto-rico-votes-favor-statehood-island/story?id=74055630|title=Puerto Rico votes in favor of statehood. But what does it mean for the island?|publisher=ABC News|last=Corujo|first=Cristina|date=November 8, 2020|accessdate=November 10, 2020}}</ref>
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