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In 2012 the members met and decided to register as a party and not as a social movement.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Greens party will appear again in Russia|url-status=dead|archiveurl=|archivedate=2012-04-19}}</ref> The decision was carried out successfully and the party registered itself.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Минюст России|}}</ref>
The party is widely seen as a pro-[[Vladimir Putin]] systemic organisation, having endorsed [[Dmitry Medvedev]] in the [[2008 Russian presidential election]] and Putin himself in the [[2018 Russian presidential election]].<ref>{{Cite web|date=20171226T13492017-12-26|title=Партия "Зеленые" завила, что поддержит Путина на выборах президента|url=|access-date=2020-11-12|website=РИА Новости|language=ru}}</ref> Despite claiming of being a green political party, it is not a member of either the [[European Green Party]] or the [[Global Greens]], both positions currently held by the [[Union of Greens of Russia]].<ref>{{Cite web|title=Member Parties|url=|access-date=2020-11-12|website=European Greens|language=en}}</ref><ref>{{Cite web|date=2007-10-14|title=Member Parties|url=|access-date=2020-11-12|website=Global Greens|language=en}}</ref>
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