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On Wikipedia, a [[Wikipedia:WikiLove|general practice of collegial editing]] was expanded by the [[Wikipedia:Kindness Campaign|Kindness Campaign]] into a system of recognizing editors by awarding [[Wikipedia:Barnstars|barnstars]] for various acts and achievements, and strategies to measure such praise with criticism and to promote peace and understanding amongst editors. Although it takes a certain amount of time and energy to recognize editors, I feel that this is returned several times in overall participation.
I have awarded {{#expr:1<!--TV Star to Aoba47 June 2017-->+18<!--July 2017 GOCE Drive-->+1<!--Sept 2017 GOCE drive-->+6<!--October 2017 Blitz-->+1<!--Nov 2017 Drive-->+48<!--1st anniversary of WPCan10k in November 2017-->+2<!--Teamwork to GOCER submitters Another Believer and BabbaQ-->+13<!--May 2018 drive-->+2<!--half-barnstars to Gog the Mild & Yoninah for DYK review-->+8<!--June 2018 blitz-->+11<!--July 2018 drive-->+1<!--to Spatium Apis for CE-->+10<!--August 2018 blitz-->+8<!--Oct 2018 blitz-->+1<!--25DYK to Gog the Mild-->+50<!--2nd WPCan10k-->+16<!--Nov 2018 drive-->+1<!--Teamwork to GOCE coords-->+13<!--December 2018 blitz-->+2<!--GOCE submitters Aoba47 and NeoBatfreak-->+21<!--January 2019 drive-->+10<!--February 2019 blitz-->+21<!--March 2019 drive-->+10<!--June 2019 blitz-->+14<!--July Million Awards: Zingarese, AppleWormBoy, Juxlos, 12george1, and 5 each to Hawkeye7 and Kees08-->+1<!--Citation bot barnstar to AManWithNoPlan-->+25<!--July 2019 drive-->+10<!--August 2019 blitz-->+20<!--Sept 2019 drive-->+12<!--Oct 2019 blitz-->+63<!--3rd WPCan10k-->+1<!--Nov 2019 drive-->+35<!--more Million Awards-->+3<!--da Vinci to Zhuyifei1999, Teamwork to BlueMoonset and Bobbychan193-->+17<!--Jan 2020 drive-->+4<!--Million Awards and a Deletion to Quality-->+10<!--Feb 2020 blitz-->+9<!--more Millions-->+19<!--March 2020 drive-->+12<!--April 2020 blitz-->+5<!--Millions-->+1<!--Cannabis to Kingsif-->+1<!--May 2020 drive-->+60<!--millions for Apr-May 2020 GA review drive-->+16<!--June 2020 blitz-->+4<!--more Millions-->+9<!--August Blitz-->+46<!--more Millions-->}} barnstars, mostly through the [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Guild of Copy Editors|Guild of Copy Editors]], the [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Canada/The 10,000 Challenge|10,000 Challenge]] of WikiProject Canada, and the [[Wikipedia:Million Award|Million Award]] program. I also provide guidance at these WikiProjects and occasionally at [[WP:Third opinion]], the [[WP:Teahouse]], [[:Category:Wikipedians looking for help]], and on talk pages. For these various acts of guidance and encouragement I have received the following barnstars:
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