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Jetavana is located just outside the old city of [[Sravasti|Savatthi]]. There was also an important vihara named Jetavana in [[Sri Lanka]].
Jetavana was the place where the Buddha gave the majority of his teachings and discourses, having stayed at Jetavana nineteen out of 45 [[vassa]]s, more than in any other monastery.<ref>DhA.i.3; BuA.3; AA.i.314</ref> It is said that after the Migāramātupāsāda, a second vihara erected at [[Pubbarama]] close to Savatthi was built by the Buddha's chief female lay disciple, [[Visakha]], the Buddha would dwell alternately between Jetavana and Migāramātupāsāda, often spending the day in one and the night in the other (SNA.i.336).
==Donation of Jetavana==