2022 United States elections: Difference between revisions

Joe Biden is not yet confirmed
(Reverted good faith edits by 2600:8805:1700:13F0:FD99:D945:9718:6865 (talk): Based on the 2020 United States elections article, it's appropriate to list Biden as the incumbent here)
(Joe Biden is not yet confirmed)
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| type = ← [[2021 United States elections|2021]]{{space|10}}'''2022'''{{space|10}} 2023 → <br>''[[United States mid-term elections|Mid-term elections]]''
| election_day = November 8
| incumbent_president = [[Joe Biden]] (who is not yet confirmed) <span style="color:blue">(Democratic)</span>
| next_congress = [[118th United States Congress|118th]]
| senate_seats_contested = 34 of 100 seats