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[[File:Indians Attacking a Stage-Coach BAH-p243.png|thumb|200px|Riding shotgun. The driver is holding the whip with the shotgun messenger on his left.]]
'''Riding shotgun''' was used to describe the [[bodyguard]] who rode alongside a [[stagecoach]] driver, typically armed with a [[shotgun]] to ward off [[bandit]]s or hostile [[Native Americans in the United States|Native American]]s. In modern use, it refers to the practice of sitting alongside the [[driver (person)|driver]] in a moving [[vehicle]]. The phrase has been used [[metaphor]]ically to mean giving actual or figurative support or aid to someone in a situation.<ref>{{cite web|work=dictionary.reference.com|url=http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/shotgun|title= Define Shotgun at Dictionary.com|publisher =Dictionary.com|accessdate=February 11, 2013}}</ref> The coining of this phrase dates to 1905 at latest.<ref name=sunsettrail/> Riding Shotgun is also the name of a college acoustic rock band formed by students at the University of Dayton in the early 2000's.