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Don't suppose anyone has a copy of ''The Official Names of the Battles and other Engagements fought by the Military Forces of the British Empire during the Great War, 1914–1919, and the Third Afghan War 1919'', which was a report by the British "Battles Nomenclature Committee"? I'm looking for the official name of the campaign against the Marri and Khetran tribes on the North-West Frontier in 1918. I think it was the "Operations against the Marri and Khetran tribes". The battle honour awarded was "Baluchistan 1918", the operations are also known by "Marri Field Force", "Marri Punitive Expedition" etc. I'm drafting an article at [[User:Dumelow/Operations against the Marri and Khetran tribes]] - [[User:Dumelow|Dumelow]] ([[User talk:Dumelow|talk]]) 17:45, 29 October 2020 (UTC)
:{{ping|Dumelow}} Have tracked it down - turns out it was published as a command paper (Cmd. 1138) so it's available through the database of parliamentary papers. The operation is indeed the "Operations against the Marri and Khetran tribes", dates 18th February to 8th April 1918. Three specific actions are named - "Defence of Gumbaz Post" 19th-20th February; "Affair of Fort Munro" 15th March; and "Capture of the Hadb Position", 6th April. [[User:Andrew Gray|Andrew Gray]] ([[User talk:Andrew Gray|talk]]) 20:07, 29 October 2020 (UTC)