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{{Infobox German location
|image_coaArt = Wappen von Rheinzabern.png = Ortsgemeinde
|Wappengrößeimage_coa = 94Wappen von Rheinzabern.png
|Wappengröße = 94
|image_photo = Sankt Michael in Rheinzabern - 2007-CC-BY-SA SYNTAXYS Achim Lammerts.jpg
|coordinates = {{coord|49|7|10|N|8|16|46|E|format=dms|display=inline,title}}
|image_caption = Saint Michael Church
|image_plan = Rheinzabern in GER.svg
|coordinates = {{coord|49|7|10|N|8|16|46|E|format=dms|display=inline,title}}
|licence state = GERRheinland-Pfalz
|image_plan = Rheinzabern in GER.svg
|statedistrict = Rheinland-PfalzGermersheim
|Verbandsgemeinde = Jockgrim
|district = Germersheim
|area_code elevation = 07272113
|Verbandsgemeinde = Jockgrim
|elevation postal_code = 11376764
|area area_code = 12.7607272
|Gemeindeschlüssel = 07 3 34 02407334024
|population = 4850<!-- Bitte nicht per Hand aktualisieren: [[Wikipedia:WikiProjekt_Kommunen_und_Landkreise_in_Deutschland/Einwohnerzahlen]] -->
|StandLOCODE = 2006-12-31DE ZAZ
|postal_codewebsite = [https://rheinzabern.com/ = 76764rheinzabern.com]
|mayor = Alexandra Hirsch (independent)
|area_code = 07272
|licence = GER
|Gemeindeschlüssel = 07 3 34 024
|Adresse-Verband = Untere Buchstraße 22<br />76751 Jockgrim
|website = [http://www.rheinzabern.de/ www.rheinzabern.de]
|mayor = Vacant (executive: Roland Milz,
1st deputy)
|Bürgermeistertitel = Ortsbürgermeister
'''Rheinzabern''' is a small town in the south-east of [[Rhineland-Palatinate]] in [[Germany]] near the [[Rhine]] river.
Currently, Rheinzabern, that belongs to the "Landkreis Germersheim" ([[Germersheim (district)|District of Germersheim]]) has approx. 45005000 inhabitants living on an area of 12,75 square kilometres. [[Rheinzabern station]] is on [[Schifferstadt–Wörth railway]] and is served by the [[Karlsruhe Stadtbahn]].
==''Rhenanae Tabernae''==
The [[Latin]] term "Rhenanae Tabernae" literally means "tavern" and "Rhine". Hence Rheinzabern was founded as a place of rest for travellers on Roman roads. Founded some 1950 years ago as "Rhenanae Tabernae" along a Roman road, it is known for its [[Samian ware]] production. Remnants of the production are still visible and there is a local museum dedicated to [[pottery]] and Roman culture.
|title=Impressions of Rheinzabern
|alt1=Historic village centre with parish church of St. Michael
|Historic village centre with parish church of St. Michael
|alt2=Terra Sigillata Museum
|Terra Sigillata Museum
== Economy and infrastructure ==
=== Economy ===
The village has a rural character and has been agricultural for a long time. Rheinzabern now presents itself as a residential community in the vicinity of the large economic areas of Rhine-Neckar and Karlsruhe. Rheinzabern has a solid infrastructure with many craft and agricultural businesses.
=== Traffic ===
The village can be reached from the east via the [[Bundesstraße 9]] and from the west, the connection via the [[Bundesautobahn 65|A 65 motorway]] is the „Kandel-Mitte“ exit.<br>
[[Rheinzabern station]] is on [[Schifferstadt–Wörth railway]] and is served by the [[Karlsruhe Stadtbahn]].
== Partnership of cities ==
A partnership is maintained with the five French communes of [[Chalmoux]], [[Cronat]], [[Mont,_Saône-et-Loire|Mont]], [[Saint-Aubin-sur-Loire]] and [[Vitry-sur-Loire]] ([[Communauté de communes entre Somme et Loire]]) in [[Burgundy]].<ref>[https://www.rheinzabern.com/index.php/rheinzabern-stellt-sich-vor/partnerschaftchalmoux rheinzabern.com] Abgerufen am 9. März 2019, 15:30</ref>
== Notable citizens ==
* [[Barbara Schleicher-Rothmund]] (born 14 February 1959), politician
* [[Bo Flower|Florian Bauer]] (born 28 April 1982), musician
* [[Guido Deutschler]] (born 1952), business owner
* [[Thomas Gebhart]] (born 1971, politician)