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[http://designkrao.com/ The core element of a web page is one or more [[text file<nowiki>]]</nowiki>s written in the [[HTML|Hypertext Markup Language<nowiki>]]</nowiki> (HTML).<ref name="elems"/> Many web pages also make use of [[JavaScript<nowiki>]]</nowiki> [[source code|code<nowiki>]]</nowiki> for [[JavaScript#Website client-side usage|dynamic behavior<nowiki>]]</nowiki> and [[Cascading Style Sheets<nowiki>]]</nowiki> (CSS) code for [[presentation semantics<nowiki>]]</nowiki>.<ref name="elems">{{cite book|last1=Flanagan|first1=David|title=JavaScript - The definitive guide|page=1|edition=6|quote=JavaScript is part of the triad of technologies that all Web developers must learn: HTML to specify the content of web pages, CSS to specify the presentation of web pages and JavaScript to specify the behaviour of web pages.}}</ref> [[Image<nowiki>]]</nowiki>s, [[video<nowiki>]]</nowiki>s, and other [[multimedia<nowiki>]]</nowiki> files are also often embedded in web pages.]
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