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This article is about an Agro-Chemicals company.{{distinguish|Twigahome kemikalscreen}}
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{{selfref|Twiga Chemicals is one of the leading companies in Africa. We are involved in the distribution of consumer products, crop protection, animal health, and explosives. Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd is managed and operated by a team of highly qualified and experienced managers overseeing its continued growth.}}Our Company, Heritage and Teams[[File:2019 Screenshot of English Wikipedia homepage.png|alt=|thumb|The home page of the [http://www.twigachemicals.com/ Twiga chemical Industries Ltd.] in 2020]]
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==Website home page==
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We are one of the leading companies in Africa. We are involved in the distribution of consumer products, crop protection, animal health, and explosives. Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd is managed and operated by a team of highly qualified and experienced managers overseeing its continued growth. We are currently  ISO 9001:2015 certified
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Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd began as ''African Explosives and Chemical Industries'' (AECI) EA Ltd on 18th May 1949, when it was incorporated. At the time it was a subsidiary of the Imperial Chemical Industries PLC (ICI), UK. The company specialized in the production of explosives and fertilizers. The company was renamed Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd by a special resolution passed on July 1st, 1962. The AJ Group bought controlling interest from ICI in 1993.
==Website home page==
The company has grown immensely since 1949, serving its customers with high-quality products and expertise to find them solutions that meet their needs. This has involved all the divisions of the company. In 2000, The Animal Health Division was introduced, adding it to the Commercial Explosives Division, Crop Protection Division, Pharmaceuticals Division, Industrial Chemicals, and the Toll manufacturing division. Later in 2004, the company discontinued and dissolved the Pharmaceuticals Division.
The company has also substantially invested in its operations. In 2006, the company implemented an ERP system (Oracle E-Business Suite) integrating the entire business operations alongside its manufacturing operation. This has led to increased productivity and better performance of key manufacturing milestones. A modernization drive focused on the Toll Manufacturing operations has seen the construction of a new steel roof, laying of cabroworks roads in the facility, purchase of new powder and liquid filling machines, forklifts, pollution control measures and additional upgrades to the warehousing section. The Toll Manufacturing Center is presently equipped with a state of the art Quality Control Laboratory that holds an ISO/ IEC 17025: 2005 certification, High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC), UV Spectrophotometer and other high-quality devices assuring a high-quality product.
Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd remains a market leader in its industry. The company maintains the highest level of responsive and reliable services alongside its technical support to its highly valued customers. This ensures full compliance with safety, health, and environmental regulations. The company is proactively seeking partnerships with its customers aimed at meeting customer expectations and needs. The company supplies, Biocides (Fungicides, Herbicides, Pesticides), Water Treatment Chemicals, Food Industry Chemicals, Sugar Processing Chemicals, metal Industry Chemicals, Commercial Explosives, and Industrial Chemicals (Hydrochloric Acid, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, and Sodium Hydroxide). The company additionally supplies the Irrigation Tank Kit System.
==Our Divisions==
Crop Protections       –     <ref>{{Cite web|title=Crop Protection Division - Twiga Chemical Industries Limited|url=https://www.twigachemicals.com/our-divisions/crop-protection-division/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref>     leads the way in providing high quality crop pest and disease solutions and plant nutritional products that enable farmers to improve their crop yields and quality. Our range of high-quality crop protection chemicals and nutritional products are used to control weeds, insects and diseases that adversely affect crop health and yields.<ref>{{Cite web|title=Crop Pest and Disease Control Solutions in Kenya - Twiga Chemicals|url=https://www.twigachemicals.com/product-categories/crop-protection-nutrition/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> Our range of products includes; fungicides, insecticides, Herbicides, Foliar fertilizers among others.
Animal Health             –  <ref>{{Cite web|title=Animal Health Products, Animal Disease Control Solutions - Twiga Chemicals|url=https://www.twigachemicals.com/product-categories/animal-health/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref>Our range of products includes mineral supplements, dewormers, acaricides, antibiotics, antiprotozoal and imported bull semen among others that enable farmers to improve their production yields and breed quality.<ref>{{Cite web|title=Animal Health Products in Kenya; Mineral Supplements, Dewormers, Acaricides, Antibiotics, Antiprotozoals, AI - Twiga Chemicals|url=https://www.twigachemicals.com/our-divisions/animal-health-division/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref>
Explosives      –          <ref>{{Cite web|title=Commercial Explosives Division - Twiga Chemical Industries Limited|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/our-divisions/commercial-explosives-division/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref>Commercial Explosives Division has established itself as longest and most established supplier of commercial explosives products and related accessories<ref>{{Cite web|title=Commercial Explosives, Infrastructure Blasts & Accessories - Twiga Chemicals|url=https://www.twigachemicals.com/product-categories/commercial-explosives/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> in East Africa. Since 1949, Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd has been the government approved supplier of commercial explosives in that time.
Industrial & Specialty Division –       Where products include Foam chemicals, synperonic (NP9), bargafat Specialty Chemicals          
Consumer division– <ref>{{Cite web|title=Consumer Division - Twiga Chemical Industries Limited|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/our-divisions/consumer-division/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref>boasts a range of high-quality products that are manufactured by the company for the mass market through the retail channels. Our high-quality products are approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) in addition to being recognized for our outstanding productivity and quality. <ref>{{Cite web|title=Consumer Products in Kenya, Consumer Goods in Kenya - Twiga Chemical|url=https://www.twigachemicals.com/product-categories/consumer-products/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref>Ready bake “Mandazi Mix”, Supa Kill insecticide aerosol, Biotex 900 and Greasopan are among the products that this division produces
Toll Manufacturing Centre – <ref>{{Cite web|title=Toll Manufacturing Centre|url=https://www.twigachemicals.com/our-divisions/toll-manufacturing-centre/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref>The Toll Manufacturing Centre is a state of the art facility, the best of its kind in East and Southern Africa that manufactures and repacks Agrochemicals, Animal Health, Consumer and Public Health products. The center is well equipped, stable, reliable and dependable with strong systems and process to ensure the highest quality products are leaving the factory.
·Our Toll Manufacturing Centre offers that offers following services:
Ø  Formulation, packing and repackaging of:
Ø  Powder Insecticides and Fungicides.
Ø  Liquid Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Acaricides.
Ø  Mineral Supplements in Brick and Powder forms.
Ø  Warehousing facilities for Manufactured products and their Raw and Packing Materials
Ø  Quality Assurance with a well-equipped laboratory for analysis of products/materials.
== Media and News ==
== CATTLE DIPS(TWIGATRAZ ANGAMIZA KUPE)<ref>{{Cite web|date=2020-10-13|title=CATTLE DIPS(TWIGATRAZ ANGAMIZA KUPE)|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/dairy-farming-tips-twigatraz-angamiza-kupe/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
Kuangamiza kupe ndio lengo letu….. Jiunge na mtalaamu wetu akitufafanulia jinsi ya kutumia Twigatraz kwenye Mifugo yako. #Twigatraz kutoka #Twigachemicals    
== COFFEE NUTRITION<ref>{{Cite web|date=2020-10-13|title=COFFEE NUTRITION|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/crop-farming-coffee-farming/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
Watch and listen to our expert, as he explains how to improve your coffee yields in your farm using Rosasol K, Rosasol Even, Solubor and Coda Zn.
== Potato Farming<ref>{{Cite web|date=2020-09-02|title=Potato Farming|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/crop-farming-potato-farming/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
Shamba la mimea kama Viazi huathiriwa na wadudu na magonjwa. Furaha kwa Mkulima kwani #TwigaChemicals imelete suluhu ya kupambana na wadudu na magonjwa yanayopatikana kwenye shamba la viazi. Jiunge na Mtalaamu wetu akitufunza kwa ufasaha kuhusu Upanzi wa viazi. #Twigalaxyl #Twigaace #Macarena #LIMANATWIGACHEMICALS
== MANUFAA YA TWIGALICK JOTO KWA MORI AU HEIFER WAKO<ref>{{Cite web|date=2020-08-08|title=MANUFAA YA TWIGALICK JOTO KWA MORI AU HEIFER WAKO|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/dairy-farming-tips-twigalick-joto/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
<nowiki>#</nowiki>TwigalickJoto ni chumvi maalum ya kuongeza Joto. Jiunge na mtalaamu wetu akitujuza mengi kwa ukamilifu jinsi ya kumlisha na kumpa virutubisho Mori wako. Baada ya kipindi unaeza kuwa mshindi, ukijibu maswali yatakayoulizwa. Watu watatu wa kwanza kujibu maswali kwa usahihi watatunukiwa zawadi kutoka #Twigachemicals
== JINSI YA KUONDOA ‘MILK FEVER’<ref>{{Cite web|date=2020-07-29|title=JINSI YA KUONDOA 'MILK FEVER'|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/dairy-farming-tips-twigalick-dry-cow/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
Jiunge na mtalaamu wetu akitujuza mengi kuhusu; jinsi ya kumtunza na kuondoa milk fever kwa ng’ombe aliye na mimba kwa kutumia Twigalick Dry Cow. Twigalick Dry Cow kuboresha afya ya ng’ombe mwenye mimba.
== JINSI YA KUZUIA LEAF RUST KWENYE MMEA WA KAHAWA<ref>{{Cite web|date=2020-07-10|title=JINSI YA KUZUIA LEAF RUST KWENYE MMEA WA KAHAWA|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/jinsi-ya-kuzuia-leaf-rust-kwenye-mmea-wa-kahawa/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
Mkulima wa kahawa, sisi kama Twiga Chemicals, tumekuletea suluhisho ya kuzuia Leaf rust kwenye kahawa yako. Jiunge na mtaalamu wetu akituelezea zaidi.
== COVID-19 AWARENESS<ref>{{Cite web|date=2020-07-09|title=COVID-19 AWARENESS|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/covid-19-awareness/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
During this pandemic, we should all have a social responsibility towards ourselves and society. In accordance with the Ministry of Health regulations, to fight the Corona virus and flatten the curve in Kenya the below regulations are employed in our company: Always wear a mask. Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. […]
== MANUFAA YA VIRUTUBISHO VYA MADINI KWA NG’OMBE WA KUKAMUA<ref>{{Cite web|date=2020-06-06|title=MANUFAA YA VIRUTUBISHO VYA MADINI KWA NG'OMBE WA KUKAMUA|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/manufaa-ya-virutubisho-vya-madini-kwa-ngombe-wa-kukamua/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
Je? Wewe ni mkulima wa ng’ombe wa maziwa? Ungependa kujua jinsi ya kuongeza uzalishaji wa maziwa hadi kiwango cha juu? Jiunge na mtaalam wetu wa afya ya wanyama Dr. Francis Mwangi, Wakati anatuelimisha juu ya kuongeza virutubisho madini.
== CSR – GIVING BACK TO THE SOCIETY<ref>{{Cite web|date=2020-05-22|title=CSR - GIVING BACK TO THE SOCIETY|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/csr-giving-back-to-the-society/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
The ongoing heavy rains across the country, have caused severe floods as a result of bursting of River Nzoia leaving close to 14,000 families in Uranga Division, Alego Usonga constituency homeless and in need of emergency relief.  The floods swept their entire homes and crops. The affected families have sought temporary shelter in primary and […]
== BLIGHT CONTROL<ref>{{Cite web|date=2020-05-13|title=BLIGHT CONTROL|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/how-to-control-blight-2/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
Blight is a problem that affects tomatoes, potatoes, capsicum, and beans. Join our expert, George Wainaina, on the video below as he explains how you as a farmer can be to control blight.
== MINERAL SUPPLEMENTATION IN DAIRY FARMING<ref>{{Cite web|date=2020-05-12|title=MINERAL SUPPLEMENTATION IN DAIRY FARMING|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/mineral-supplementation-in-dairy-farming/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
Tune in below to listen to Dr. Francis Mwangi, our Animal Health Expert, as he talks about Mineral Supplementation in Dairy Cows.
== DAIRY CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY VISIT<ref>{{Cite web|date=2019-11-14|title=DAIRY CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY VISIT|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/dairy-co-operative-society-visit/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
Twiga being a leader in the distribution of animal health products and imported genetics has chosen to lead in educating Farmers Cooperatives. The main agenda of the TMC visits is to share the strongest tool of knowledge for dairy farmers to maximize the profitability of their enterprises. The topics taught to farmers are well summarized […]
== STOCKISTS RE- LAUNCH PROGRAM (OCTOBER 2019)<ref>{{Cite web|date=2019-10-28|title=STOCKISTS RE- LAUNCH PROGRAM (OCTOBER 2019)|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/stockists-re-launch-program/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
We would like to thank our stockists from Kitale, Eldoret, Kapsabet  for attending our Stockists Re- Launch   training session.
== PIERRE MARX FAREWELL<ref>{{Cite web|date=2019-10-16|title=PIERRE MARX FAREWELL|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/pierre-marx-farewell/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
Many are the times we develop a strong relationship with people in our line of duty. Semex Representative to Kenya, Mr. Pierre Marx broke the news of his retirement from Semex in October 2019. His 15 years of service to improving the genetic potential of dairy cows in Kenya has been well appreciated and felt […]
== HAPPY CUSTOMER SERVICE WEEK<ref>{{Cite web|date=2019-10-11|title=HAPPY CUSTOMER SERVICE WEEK|url=https://www.twigachemicals.com/happy-customer-service-week/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
Happy customer service week! We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.We believe in you & look forward to serving you better.
== CPD TRAINING- VOTE OF THANKS<ref>{{Cite web|date=2019-10-08|title=CPD TRAINING- VOTE OF THANKS|url=https://www.twigachemicals.com/cpd-training-vote-of-thanks-2/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
We are happy for the great attendance, on the interactive and engaging CPD training session  at St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church- Kiambu where we imparted new technological skills in the dairy industry to our Veterinaries.
== STOCKISTS PARTNERSHIP SCHEME – SEPTEMBER 2019<ref>{{Cite web|date=2019-09-30|title=STOCKISTS PARTNERSHIP SCHEME - SEPTEMBER 2019|url=https://www.twigachemicals.com/stockists-partnership-scheme-september-2019/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
We would like to thank our stockists from Bomet, Litein, Kericho, Kisii, Oloitoktok  for attending our Stockist Partnership Scheme  training session.  
== CPD TRAINING<ref>{{Cite web|date=2019-09-27|title=CPD TRAINING|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/cpd-training-2/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
Twiga Chemical Industries Limited in collaboration with KVPA will be hosting a CPD training event that will be held at St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church- Kiambu from 3rd – 4th October 2019. The theme will be GENETICS & NUTRITION: The way forward to improved dairy production.      
== Naivasha Horticultural Fair 2019<ref>{{Cite web|date=2019-09-23|title=Naivasha Horticultural Fair 2019|url=http://www.twigachemicals.com/naivasha-horticultural-fair-2019/|access-date=2020-10-15|website=Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd}}</ref> ==
We had a successful horticultural trade fair on 20th and 21st September 2019 at the Naivasha Sports Club grounds, Booth No. 51 & 52. Our horticultural team exhibited  fungicides products like Fantic M4-65WG (mancozeb +benalaxyl), Microthiol special disperss and Bio-stimulants like Vigo and also taught on flower farming.
We would like to thank our stockists from Mwea, Meru-Maua, Nakuru, Engineer-Kinangop  for attending our Stockist Partnership Scheme training session.    
Thank you for visiting our demo site & stand  at the Wambugu ATC Exhibition along the Nyeri – Karatina Highway. We shared information about Crop Protection  & best practices in farming & farming products in the exhibition.  
Twiga Chemical Industries Limited invites you to visit our demo site & stand at Wambugu Agricultural  Training Center (Wambugu Farm) along Nyeri- Karatina Highway from 26th – 27th July 2019.
Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd began as African Explosives and Chemical Industries (AECI) EA Ltd on 18th May 1949, when it was incorporated. At the time it was a subsidiary of the Imperial Chemical Industries PLC (ICI), UK. The company specialized in the production of explosives and fertilizers. The company was renamed Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd by a special […]
We would like to thank the Veterinary Professionals who attended the CPD Training at Ol Kalou‌ in June 2019, Asanteni Sana.    
Twiga Chemical Industries Limited thank you for visiting our stand during International Flower Trade Expo 2019 at Oshwal Center- Westlands , we are very grateful.
Twiga Chemical Industries Limited in collaboration with KVPA will be hosting a CPD training event that will be held at Ol Kalou Catholic Hall – Nyandarua from 27th – 28th June 2019. The theme will be GENETICS & NUTRITION: The way forward to improved dairy production.
== International Flower Trade Expo (IFTEX) 2019 ==
The International Flower Trade Expo 2019 took place at Oshwal Center- Westlands from 5th – 7th June 2019|10:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m. Our stand was BOOTH NO: F3.10. Some of the products featured on our booth were Codamin, Vigo and Fantic M 4-65 WG, which our customers learnt about.
At Twiga Chemicals, we believe a clean environment is safe for us all. We had a great clean-up exercise together with the Nairobi City County at Viwandani.                  
It’s almost the same feeling you experience after a bumper harvest, a feeling of contentment with Love. At Twiga Chemicals Love is within, it’s what we do together to  enjoy our lovely results.
== Naivasha Horticultural Fair 2018 ==
This year’s event took place on 21st and 22nd September at the Naivasha Sports Club grounds. The weather was hot and dry, perfect for the occasion. The event brought together the whole industry on site-the horticultural growers, their service providers and stakeholders. Our insecticides range included applaud, twiga ace, duduthrin –great molecules for a wide […]
== Livestock Breeders Show 2018 Champion ==
== Livestock Breeders’ Show and Sale 2018 ==
Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd will be attending this year’s livestock breeders’ show and sale to be held at  Jamhuri Park, Nairobi from 9th to 11th August. This event is organized by the Livestock Breeders Trust to promote the Kenyan livestock industry through the exhibition of superior livestock, display of animal health and nutritional products and modern […]
== International Flower Trade Expo (IFTEX) 2018 TWIGA EXPO ==
Since its inception in 2012, the International Flower Trade Expo (IFTEX) has proven to be a superb platform for interactions between the East African flower growers and the international markets. Therefore, between 06-08 June 2018, the 7th edition was held at Oshwal Center Nairobi where Twiga Chemical Industries Limited proudly joined the rest of the […]
== GRAMOXONE ROADSHOW – ''Jembe La Mkulima'' ==
Gramoxone 200SL is a post-emergent herbicide for use in maize crops against perennial, annual grasses and broad-leaved weeds. Gramoxone 200SL has the Active ingredient paraquat at a concentration of 200g/Litre of the formulated product. It is a unique herbicide, non-weather dependent, fast acting with a very broad spectrum of control against many weeds. Its use […]
== 2018 Twiga Chemicals Kenya – Motor Vehicles Sale ==
Tenders are invited for the purchase of company vehicles and motorcycles to be sold on where –is-as-is-basis and should be received at our factory, Nanyuki Road, Industrial Area by 23rd February 2018. The motor vehicles are listed below: REGISTRATION MAKE MOTOR VEHICLES 1 KBG 642E Isuzu Double Cab 2 KBG 772R Isuzu Pick Up 3 […]
== COYA Awards – 2017 ==
On 17th November 2017, our company attended the annual COYA ceremony at Safari Park Hotel. COYA stands for Company of the Year Award, which was institutionalized by the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) in 2000. The whole COYA process is called the OPI process. OPI stands for Organizational Performance Index which was developed by Kenya […]
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== New Products Launch in the Animal Health Division ==
We are excited to launch new products in the Animal Health Division. These products offer better health solutions to various livestock diseases and stubborn livestock worms. The target diseases and worms include : The East Coast Fever Lungworms, stomach and bowel worms Liverfluke, roundworms and parafilaria Wireworm, nodular and nasal worms These products are: Twigavex […]
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== 2017 Twiga Chemicals Kenya – Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles sale ==
Tenders are invited for the purchase of company vehicles and motorcycles to be sold on where –is-as-is-basis and should be received at our factory, Nanyuki Road, Industrial Area by 5th October 2017 The motor vehicles are listed below: REGISTRATION MAKE MOTOR VEHICLES 1 KAM 458T Mitsubishi Lancer 2 KBG 641E Isuzu Double Cab 3 KBU […]
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== Twiga Chemicals – Website Convenience ==
We are excited to share our new website with our customers. There are several things that we have improved on the website, but most notably, we have made it easier for our customers to find the products they are looking for and information on how to use the products. Our customers have access to the […]
==Browser home page==
== Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd redesigns website focused on customers ==
When a [[web browser]] is launched, it may automatically open at least one [[web page]], sometimes referred to as a "start page." Start pages can be a [[website]] or a special browser page, such as thumbnails of frequently visited websites. Moreover, there is a niche market of websites intended to be used solely as start pages.<ref>{{cite news |url=https://www.theguardian.com/technology/askjack/2013/nov/07/igoogle-alternatives |title=iGoogle: what are the best alternatives? |first=Jack|last=Schofield|authorlink=Jack Schofield (journalist)|date=7 November 2013 |accessdate=4 September 2014 |work=The Guardian}}</ref>
Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd has just released their newly redesigned website. The redesign is focused on the customer and making sure that they are able to find information on the company, the products and company employees easily. Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd was recently recognized with a COYA award for industry leading productivity and quality at […]
== References ==