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|name = Konz
|name_local =
|image_photo = Mosel_2SarrmuendungPanorama2.jpg
|image_caption = Confluence of the rivers [[Saar River|Saar]] and [[Moselle River|Moselle]]
|image_coa = Wappen konz stadt.jpg
|state = [[Rhineland-Palatinate]]
|area_code = 06501
|licence = TR
|mayor = Karl-HeinzJoachim FriedenWeber
|party = CDU
|website = [http://www.konz.eu konz.eu]de
'''Konz''' ({{lang-la|link=no|Contionacum}}) is a [[city]] in the [[Trier-Saarburg]] district, in [[Rhineland-Palatinate]], [[Germany]]. It is situated at the confluence of the rivers [[Saar River|Saar]] and [[Moselle River|Moselle]], approx. 8 km southwest of [[Trier]].