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September drive
(GOCE July drive and August blitz, more MAs and August blitz barnstars)
(September drive)
-->[[File:Barnstar Typo Team.png|30px|The Typo Team Barnstar. Presented to Reidgreg for a neat solution to an obscure problem, showing care and determination from beginning to end, and the congenial way in which you worked with fellow editors. – Pdebee, 28 June 2016]] <!--
-->[[File:Most Excellent Order of Star Scribes.png|30px|The Most Excellent Order of the Caretaker's Star &times;2324. For copy edits of 100,000 words in backlog drives. – Guild of Copy Editors]] <!--
-->[[File:Goce_barnstar.png|30px|Leaderboard Award (Gold) &times;34. For 1st place in backlog drives, including a rare Quintuple Crown. – Guild of Copy Editors]] <!--
==Guild of Copy Editors==
Most of these were earned from participating with the [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Guild of Copy Editors|Guild of Copy Editors]] ({{abbr|GOCE|pronunciation: guck-eh}}) in twenty-four [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Guild of Copy_Editors/Blitzes|blitzes]] and twenty-threefour [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Guild of Copy Editors/Backlog elimination drives|drives]], copy editing {{formatnum:{{#expr:7+50+3+
<!--2017-->78+1+47+2+40+9+<!--July 2017-->77+10+41+1+13+3<!--2018-->+27+10+27+6+34+11<!--July 2018-->+31+2+18+11+25+3<!--2019-->+28+2+26+5+31+1<!--July 2019-->+15+1+14+1+18+2<!--2020-->+27+3+19+2+45+6<!--July 2020-->+29+8+21}}}} articles for a total of {{formatnum:{{#expr:18700+80000+19200+<!--2017-->186666+11500+80734+2800+70900+29200+<!--July 2017-->102800+8420+107000+917+31201+4261<!--2018-->+80271+29999+67551+20000+54315+30199<!--July 2018-->+71907+625+41557+9895+62776+22141<!--2019-->+67857+2386+52566+14154+53719+16612<!--July 2019-->+41643+2337+36466+1737+37140+6346<!--2020-->+73208+8065+59985+1535+66382+20165<!--July 2020-->+40933+8932+41800}}}}&nbsp;words (or {{formatnum:{{#expr:18700+120000+19200+<!--2017-->279999+11500+121101+2800+106350+29200+<!--July 2017-->154200+8420+160500+917+46801.5+4261<!--2018-->+120406.5+29999+101326.5+20000+81013.5+30199<!--July 2018-->+107860.5+625+62335.5+9895+94165+22141<!--2019-->+101509+2386+78849+14154+80578+16612<!--July 2019-->+62464+2337+54699+1737+55710+6346<!--2020-->+109812+8065+88990+1535+88057+20165<!--July 2020-->+61400+8932+62700}}}}&nbsp;words with bonuses). Awards are presented in a gallery format to save space and avoid repetition.
<center><gallery><!-- use "gallery mode=packed" to remove frames for tighter placement, but too tight for extended captions--><!--the default gallery picture size is 120px, relative to user settings-->
File:Most Excellent Order of Star Scribes.png|'''The Most Excellent Order of the Caretaker's Star''' (&times;2324) for copy edits totalling over 100,000 words per drive
File:Goce_barnstar.png|'''Leaderboard Award''' ('''Gold''') (&times;34) for 1st place on drives, including a '''Quintuple Crown''' in Sept 2017
File:Goce silver barnstar.png|'''Leaderboard Award''' ('''Silver''') (&times;8186) for 2nd to 5th place on drives
File:Copyeditor 10K Barnstar Hires.png|'''The 10k Copy Edit Barnstar''' (&times;8) for copy editing an article of over 10,000 words during a blitz<!--December 2016, February and June 2017, June and December 2018, April and June 2019, and June 2020-->