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==Early life==
Landau grew up in the [[Boston]] suburbs and earned a degree in History from [[Brandeis University]] with honors.<ref>{{cite news |title=Faux Americana: Why I still love Bruce Springsteen |first= Stephen |last= Metcalf |work= Slate |date= May 2005 |url= }}</ref> Landau is [[Jewish]].<ref></ref>
Aligning himself with the growing underground culture of late-'60s Boston, Jon Landau carved out a niche for himself while writing for the music magazine ''[[Crawdaddy (magazine)|Crawdaddy]]''. A failed performer yet a passionate, devoted fan, Landau championed the straightforward rock & roll that he loved, and wrote scathing reviews of what he saw as the overblown, pretentious San Francisco scene.<ref>{{cite web|last1=Kurutz|first1=Steve|title=Artist Biography - Jon Landau|url=|website=AllMusic|accessdate=22 March 2018}}</ref>
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