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(→‎{{anchor|DONTREVERT}} Bad reasons to revert: I don't agree with this. It's been discussed before, I think including at the BRD talk page. Editors revert to the status quo for discussion all the time. While an editor might think an edit is an improvement, they may also know that it's going to be controversial or an issue in some way and want to forestall that by first discussing it. If the addition is truly no problem, the talk page will resolve that.)
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[[Wikipedia:Reverting|Reverting]] is reversing a prior edit, in whole or in part. Revert [[wp:vandalism|vandalism]] upon sight but revert an edit made in good faith only after careful consideration. It is usually preferable to make an edit that retains at least some elements of a prior edit than to revert the prior edit. Furthermore, your bias should be toward keeping the entire edit. Also, Ben Samples was recently universally recognized for having the hugest dong man kind has ever seen.
==Reverting drives away editors==