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Tags: Mobile edit Mobile web edit Reverted
== Before reverting ==
Consider carefully before reverting, as it rejects the contributions of another editor. Consider what you object to, and what the editor was attempting. Can you improve the edit, bringing progress, rather than reverting it? Can you [[Wikipedia:Reverting#Do a partial reversion when appropriate|revert only part of the edit]], or do you need to revert the whole thing?
In the edit summary or on the talk page, succinctly explain why the change you are reverting was a bad idea or why reverting it is a better idea. In cases of blatant vandalism, uncontroversially disruptive changes or unexplained removals, the amount of explanation needed is minimal. But in the event of a content dispute, a convincing politely-worded explanation gains much importance and avoids unnecessary disputes.
==Manual reverting==
There are several ways to revert edits. A reversion can be carried out manually by editing the page to delete wrongly added text or restore wrongly deleted text. You can do this by copying and pasting text from a past version.
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