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Tags: Mobile edit Mobile web edit Reverted
Tags: Mobile edit Mobile web edit Reverted
* Publish changes.
* Optional: Go to the Talk page and explain what you've done, and why.
The MediaWiki software sometimes enables editors to easily revert ('''undo''') a single edit from the history of a page, without simultaneously undoing all constructive changes that have been made since. To do this, view the [[Help:Page history|page history]] or the [[Help:diff|diff]] for the edit, then click on "undo" next to the edit in question. The software will attempt to create an edit page with a version of the article in which the undesirable edit has been removed, but all later edits are retained. There is a default edit summary, but this can be modified before saving.
It is also possible to undo several consecutive edits, even if they conflict among themselves: view the "diff" to be removed (by selecting the earliest and most recent revisions in the history and clicking "compare selected revisions"), and click the "undo" link.
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