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== Excessive quotations ==
I marked a couple passages with {{tlp|longquote}}. While [[Wikipedia:Quotations|quotations]] can give direct explanations, they shouldn't be overused. These are a bit long and use rhetorical language, and aren't very NPOV. Here are a few of them and suggestions for paraphrasing (If desirable, the originals may be preserved in footnotes):
{{Cquote|Hi everyone. You are at the Lviv metro station. And this is a video appeal of Ukrainian hackers to our enemies and allies. If you are watching this video, then we have cleared the information space of another Russian terrorists site. Now we turn to the enemies. Today we have removed all confidential information from your resource. Your data of administrators and users were transferred to Inform Napalm volunteer intelligence, and also sent to the Ukrainian special services. Backups of your site were destroyed, they remained only with us. We give you one last chance to start from scratch and no longer use the information space for lies and terror. We turn to the allies. Friends! Georgia, Ukraine and Syria have faced vile terrorist aggression by the Russian Federation. Many of us have lost our homes, families and loved ones. But the key to victory over the aggressor is in the consolidation of society. We are ordinary programmers, engineers and volunteers. Our weapons are reason, faith and free will. Each of you can inflict losses on the enemy. Do not buy Russian goods, do not trust the Russian media. Support the Ukrainian military and patriots. Help those who need help and protection. Support each other. Together we are the force that will win the war against a vile and lying enemy. Glory to Ukraine!
Suggested replacement: {{tq|The UCA left a video message which stated that the website had been a Russian terrorist site, and that they had removed all of its confidential information and backups and transferred it to Inform Napalm and the Ukranian special services. The message also called for solidarity for those from Georgia, Ukraine and Syria, asking that they support each other in the face of aggression from the Russian Federation.}}
{{Cquote|“God forbid. And we are in the Lviv metro again. After our previous video on April 29, some viewers decided we were joking. But we are not joking, we are speaking quite seriously. After our last attack, the popular site of aggressive Russian propaganda Anna News was unavailable for about 5 days. It is an information resource aimed at spreading lies against Georgia, Ukraine and Syria. Our first video call hung on this site for more than 5 hours, and the administrators took more than 100 hours to at least partially restore the resource. At the same time, they lost much of their data forever. It was our small gift to society for the Great Feast of the Resurrection of Christ. We have shown how light easily destroys darkness. We have enough strength and will to successfully defeat the aggressor, we just need to believe and work hard for everyone to win together. And now about the victory. Kievan Rus, and then its successor Ukraine, the Cossacks of the Zaporozhian Sich and the Kholodny Yar, soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and Ukrainians in the ranks of the Allied armies. These are our ancestors who fought with unbreakable strength of will and shed blood for their land and freedom. 70 years ago, the Ukrainian people lost about 7 million of their sons and daughters in the fight against the aggressor and the occupier. Now a new brown plague has come to our borders, disguised by the colors of striped ribbons and Russian tricolors. But no matter how strong the enemy may seem, his destiny is to be defeated and covered with shame. The Ukrainian people, their soldiers, patriots, volunteers have already proved that the indomitable will is embedded in their genetic code. Today, on the Day of Remembrance and Victory, we are giving a new gift to Ukrainian society. On this day, the entire network of information resources of the aggressor and the sites of Russian terrorists in Donbass will be paralyzed. This video message and other materials exposing the occupiers' lies will appear on many enemy websites. We won then, we will win now. To the glory of ancestors, to the glory of the heroes of the past and the future. Glory to Ukraine!"
Suggested replacement: {{tq|The message gave more detail on the ANNA News attack, stating that ANNA spread lies against Georgia, Ukraine and Syria. It also carried a patriotic message for [[Victory Day (9 May)|Victory Day]], comparing Russian aggression to past enemies, and promised that the information network of "Russian terrorists in Donbass will be paralyzed".}}
{{Cquote|On June 28, Ukraine celebrates another anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution. But now this holiday is overshadowed by the conflict in Donbass, which we, inferior fools, have resolved, and caused numerous violations of the constitutional rights of normal citizens. I have to admit that despite the work done by my stupid press service and loyal sly dogs of the mdb dnr, the whole world sees that we started playing not in our sandbox, because of which the civilian population of Donbass suffers and dies. The truth is that Rashka has once again framed us and is trying to squeeze the Donbass after the Crimea with our own hands. I personally apologize to all the people of Ukraine for their idiocy and I hope that this anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine will be a turning point in the relations of Donbass with its Motherland - Ukraine! Contrary to racist propaganda, we are cured of schizophrenia, and the Ukrainian constitutional order will prevail in the Donbass!
Suggested replacement: {{tq|The video, which purported to be from the leader of the DNR, O. Zakharchenko, admits to "violations of constitutional rights" and apologizes for the "idiocy" of his organization.}}