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(rm game vendor site as source)
| {{anchor|Foundation}}Foundation || || Typically squared and face-up. Most solitaire games feature ''foundation piles'' (often referred to as ''foundations'') built on ''foundation cards'' (usually the Ace). The aim of these games is to clear the ''tableaux'' and move all the cards to the ''foundation piles''. Foundation piles are typically built from the foundation card ''by suit'' until the card at the other end of the sequence is reached (if the foundation card is the Ace, this is the King); however, some games have different rules. Usually only thirteen cards are allowed in each foundation. The number of foundations can usually be found by multiplying the number of suits by the number of decks involved in the game.
| {{anchor|Tableau}}Tableau || Layout (in ''Card Games for One''; a different use than in this article); <br><br>Depot<ref>The Pan Book of Card Games - Hubert Philips {{ISBN|0-330-20175-1}}</ref> || Typically fanned downwards. The tableau consists of a number of tableau piles of cards. Cards can be moved from one pile or area to another, under varying rules. Some allow stacks of cards that match the building requirements to be moved, others only allow the top card to be moved, yet others allow any stack to be moved.
| Reserve || || A group or pile of cards where building is usually not permitted. These cards are dealt out at the beginning, and used, commonly one card at a time, during the play.